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Heating Installation FAQ 2: What Does BTU Mean?

Monday, February 25th, 2013

Have you ever been looking for information on the internet only to find terms, phrases and abbreviations that you are unfamiliar with? At Goettl Good Guys we believe that the key to keeping your home warm and comfortable with maximum efficiency is to better understand your heating system. While only a trained heating professional can complete your heating installation in Phoenix, you should still familiarize yourself with some of the terms you are likely to come across in the process. One such term is BTU. Chances are you’ve seen it before, but recognizing it and understanding it are two very different things.

The acronym BTU stands for British Thermal Unit.  A BTU is a unit of measurement for energy in which 1 BTU equals the amount of energy it takes to raise the temperature of 1 pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. A BTU is equivalent to 252 heat calories and around a 3rd of a watt-hour. All you really need to know about BTU’s when it comes to your home heating installation, though, is the more BTU’s your heating system has the more powerful your heating system is. This does not mean, though, that you should buy the heater with the most possible BTU’s that you can afford.

A professional Phoenix heating technician can work with you to help determine the appropriate size of the heating system required by your home. Bigger is not necessarily better in this case. While an undersized heater with too few BTU’s will obviously fail to heat your home efficiently and effectively, an oversized heater is no better. It will bring temperatures up too quickly, which can reduce efficiency and air quality as well cause short cycling. Short cycling occurs when your heater cycles on and off too frequently, which can lead to damage to your system.

If you have any further questions about BTU’s and how they apply to your new heating system, call Goettl Good Guys. Our team of Phoenix heating installation experts has the answers you need. Contact us for your heating installation in Phoenix.

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Heating FAQ 2: Which Heating System is Right for Me?

Monday, February 18th, 2013

At Goettl Good Guys, we want to help our Phoenix, AZ area customers get the right heating system for their needs. That’s why we’ve put together a short list of the different types of heating systems that we can install so that you can compare them. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to call the Phoenix heating experts at Goettl Good Guys any time.


Whether you are replacing an older furnace or building a new home in Phoenix, we can install a gas or electric furnace. We also install mobile home furnaces. Depending on the cost of fuel and availability, a gas furnace can be an efficient way to heat your home in the winter. Because of our warmer climate, you probably won’t use your heater that often, and electric furnaces also provide efficient heat.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are ideal for the dessert climate. They both heat and cool your home, and you won’t typically need a backup heater for the winter since temperatures rarely get below freezing. There are a wide variety of high-efficiency heat pumps on the market today, including Energy Star models.

Ductless Mini Splits

Ductless mini splits are installed as individual units. This provides efficient heating without the use of ductwork. You get even more efficiency without the potential air loss from leaky air ducts. They are not for every home, so be sure to speak with a heating contractor before you decide.

Radiant Heat

Radiant heat can be installed as pipes under floors or as electric baseboards. You can also install electric radiant walls. Radiant heating is very efficient, and although it is ideal in new home constructions, they can be installed in existing homes and under a variety of flooring.

Zone Control System

Zone control Systems can also be installed either in new homes, or the technician can retrofit an existing forced air heating system. Zoning provides efficient heat by heating certain areas instead of the entire home at once. We also install thermostats for each area, and we can upgrade your older thermostats. Ductless mini splits also provide zone control.

Call the Phoenix heating experts at Goettl Good Guys for quality heating installation service. Contact Goettl Good Guys today!

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Heating Installation FAQ 1: Is It Time For A New Heater?

Monday, February 11th, 2013

Most homeowners dread having to replace any appliance in their home—the heating system is no exception. But there are huge benefits to heating replacement and it can be done fairly painlessly if you work with a professional heating contractor. At Goettl Good Guys, we provide fast and reliable heating installation in Phoenix for all types and brands of heating systems. Here are some of the things that you should look for that could mean you need a new heating system.

Signs of Heating Replacement in Phoenix AZ

While all heating systems eventually need repairs, they also eventually need to be replaced. Knowing when that is can be difficult. At Goettl Good Guys, we’ve responded to countless calls for heating repairs in Phoenix and wanted to share some of the signs that could indicate that you should replace your heating system.

  • Age of your heater – Probably one of the best indicators of when you should replace your heating system is its age. Most heating systems are designed to last about 20-25 years. If your heating system has reached that point and it is requiring more repairs, it might make more financial sense to just replace it.
  • Cracked heat exchanger – If you have a furnace, a cracked heat exchanger is normally the kiss of death for it—no matter how old it is. Heat exchangers can crack if they over heat or if they get short cycled for a long period of time. A cracked heat exchanger is a huge safety issue because it can cause a carbon monoxide leak in your home.
  • Rusted boiler – If your boiler has started to rust on the inside of the tank it usually means that it needs to be replaced. Rust is a huge problem for your entire radiant heating system because it can spread to other parts.

If you need new heating installation, call the Phoenix heating experts at Goettl Good Guys. We provide comprehensive heating services, including heating repairs throughout the Phoenix, AZ area. Contact Goettl Good Guys today!

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Heating Repair FAQ 1: When to Call for a Heating Repair

Monday, February 4th, 2013

No one ever wants to have to deal with a damaged heater in their Phoenix home. Just because Phoenix is a warm place to live for much of the year, though, does not mean that you can afford to ignore your Phoenix heating repair needs. Temperatures do drop, even here in Phoenix, and when they do you need to be prepared and know that you can rely on your home heating system. If you have any doubts about the condition of your heater, contact the Phoenix heating experts at Goettl Good Guys.

One of the most common mistakes that homeowners in Phoenix make when it comes to their home heating systems is to convince themselves that their heating problem is too minor to call a professional about. This is never the case. The fact of the matter is that no matter how minor you may perceive a problem to be, even the most minor issues can cause real problems if they are given the time. That is why it is so necessary that you schedule professional heating repair service the moment you notice any warning signs that your heater is in distress.

One sign to keep an eye out for is a drop off in efficiency. You may notice that the cost of heating your home is rising. If you have not made any changes in your home heating habits, though, then that should not really be happening. There is a reason for this inefficiency, and it may require professional repair.

Another sign to be aware of is a decrease in performance levels. Does your heater take longer to bring temperatures up in your home than it used to? Have cold spots developed throughout your house? Even strange noises and smells coming from your heater during operation may indicate a serious problem requiring professional heating repair service.

If you have any reason to suspect a need for heating repair service in Phoenix, call Goettl Good Guys. We are always available to help you heat your home with the confidence you deserve. Contact us today to schedule service.

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Good Guys Doing Good Things In Their Community

Friday, February 1st, 2013

We here at the Goettl Good Guys like to take time out of our schedules to honor those good guys who do good for their community.  This time we could not single out just one good guy, and instead honored an entire team of good guys!  The football team at Queen Creek High School took a stand against bullying in their school by protecting and friending special needs student Chy Johnson.

Goettl Blog

Carson just happened to be a captain of Queen Creek High School’s varsity football team resulting in the whole team taking Chy under their wings.  Instead of approaching the students that were bullying Chy, Carson and his teammates would walk Chy to and from class and sit with her at lunch to show that there is no reason to bully her.  Their act of kindness went a long way, as the team ended up winning the Arizona State Championship with Chy at their side for every game.

We at Goettl wanted to thank Carson and his team for their act of kindness in helping Chy at school by taking members of his team, and Chy and her family, to an Arizona Cardinals football game!  We took them all up to our stadium box, provided as much food as they could eat, and even had our CEO Dan Burke as their host.  Everyone had a great time and we could not have invited better guests!

Carson, Chy, and Dan appeared on KPHO channel 5 for their morning broadcast.  KPNX Channel 12 shared the team’s story during their afternoon broadcast and KSAZ Fox 10 shared Chy’s and Carson’s story during their morning broadcast.

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