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Why Should I Consider Insulation in Chandler?

Friday, July 26th, 2013

As a homeowner, especially in a place as warm as Chandler, Arizona, it is important that you are able to keep your home cool and comfortable throughout the air conditioning season. Of course, there is a heating season here as well. That means that you also need a high-quality heater to keep warm for that stretch of the year. Even if you have great home comfort systems, you cannot expect them to operate properly if heat is allowed to travel into and out of your home, making it uncomfortable throughout the year. That is why it is so important that you have adequate insulation in Chandler. If you need any insulation installation or replacement services, or if you have any questions about the types of insulation available to you, contact Goettl Good Guys today.

How Insulation Benefits Your Chandler Home

In order to heat and cool your home effectively, good insulation is absolutely necessary. There are a few ways in which insulation helps you keep comfortable throughout the year. The first has to do with air leaks in your home. It is important to remember that your house is not, nor should it be, completely airtight. This would lead to serious indoor air quality problems, as there would not be enough ventilation throughout your home to maintain the air quality you need to live comfortably.  With the right amount of insulation, and the right insulation efficiency levels, you can allow for your home to breathe properly without allowing too much heat to get into or out of your home, causing your system to work harder and driving up your home comfort costs.

Of course, this is not the only way that heat can make its way into your home. With the sun beating down on your roof all day, it is easy for some of that heat to radiate into your home. A radiant barrier is a great way to prevent this from happening. The amount of heat that transfers into your attic can be greatly reduced with the installation of a radiant barrier. The attic is typically one of, if not the, hottest spots in most homes. When heat builds up in there, it can work its way throughout the rest of your home. Take some of the strain off your AC by keeping that heat out of your home to begin with.

To learn more about the importance of insulation in Chandler, call Goettl Good Guys today.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Let us help you get the outstanding performance you deserve year round from your home comfort systems.

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Tempe Duct Cleaning FAQ: How Is Duct Cleaning Done?

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

You probably don’t spend much time thinking about the condition of your ductwork, but the ducts in your home play a critical role in your home’s comfort and in the efficiency of your air conditioning system. When our customers hear about duct cleaning, they often ask us about how it is actually done. We wanted to put together a quick explanation of how our technicians do it.

At Goettl Good Guys, we offer fast and good quality services for you Tempe duct cleaning needs.

Duct Cleaning: The Basics

For the do-it-yourselfers out there, one of the best things for you to do is to vacuum out the registers in your home’s ceilings or floors. This is a great maintenance task that homeowners can do to help increase their home’s comfort levels. However, in order to get complete and thorough duct cleaning, you will need the services of a Tempe duct cleaning company.

The first thing that our technicians will do is gather a basic overview of your home’s duct system. Once that is complete, they will cut several large holes into the sides of your ducts and attach our high-powered commercial vacuums. This will allow them to clean out the deepest recesses of your home’s duct system.

After the vacuums have removed as much of the contaminants in your ducts as they can, our specialists will seal up the holes that they cut to make sure that they don’t leak or reduce the efficiency of your home’s AC system.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance by Tempe Duct Cleaning Experts

Another question that we often get asked by our customers is if duct cleaning is really necessary. Check out below a couple of the benefits to having your home’s ductwork cleaned on a regular basis.

  • Increased comfort – The EPA estimates the poor air quality is one of the top 5 leading threats to respiratory health. By cleaning out your ducts you could be able to remove many contaminants from your home’s air supply.
  • Improved efficiency – Depending on what type of contaminants are in your home’s ducts and the amount that is in there, you could be able to improve the operation of your home’s AC system. By removing any blockages that are in your ducts, you will allow the air to flow through more easily.

If you need duct cleaning, just call the Tempe duct cleaning experts at Goettl Good Guys today.

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What to Expect When Replacing Insulation in Tempe

Monday, July 8th, 2013

When you think of insulation, you may think of the cold. After all, insulation keeps warm air in, which makes it appropriate during the colder months of the year. This is true, but insulation works both ways. It also keeps heat from entering your home when you want to stay cool during the Arizona summer. That’s what makes having professionally installed insulation so important. Whether you don’t yet have insulation in your home, or simply need yours replaced, Goettl Good Guys of Phoenix can help.

Call us today for excellent insulation services throughout the Tempe area.

There are various options to consider when thinking about how to best insulate your home for maximize energy efficiency and improve the comfort of your home.

  • Attic insulation. Insulation is a thermal barrier that controls the flow of heat in both directions. Because heat always moves towards the cold, your home is at risk of losing heat when it’s cold outdoors, and losing cool air when it’s hot outdoors. The attic is a critical threshold in your home when it comes to your HVAC system because it’s often the hottest part of the house, owing to the amount of sun that hits the roof directly. Insulating the attic allows you to contain that thermal energy during the summer, in order to minimize its influence on your air conditioner’s performance. Don’t let your cool air go through the roof!
  • Attic fan. An attic fan provides much-needed ventilation of the hottest part of your home during the summer. By cooling this section of your home, you can reduce the effects of the sun’s radiant energy on your home.
  •  Radiant barrier. If you’re looking for an effective way to limit the amount of radiant energy that travels through your roof in the first place, then you should consider installing a radiant barrier. While typically installed during the roofing process, they can also be retrofitted. This reflects the radiant heat of the sun, and can lead to a significantly cooler house with lower energy bills.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to improve the year-round comfort of your home, then consider professional insulation in Tempe from Goettl Good Guys of Phoenix.

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