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How AquaChill Systems Differ from Traditional Air Conditioners

Friday, June 27th, 2014

Air conditioning a home in Phoenix is a Big Deal—often a Big Expensive Deal. With summers that can routinely climb to mid-day highs of 120°F, air conditioners must run almost around-the-clock to make temperatures tolerable… and that means steep cooling bills.

However, you have more options for air conditioning your home today than the standard central AC. At Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning, we offer the AquaChill system as an alternative. Thanks to the innovative combination of using both air and water to cool down the refrigerant in an air conditioner, you can have the level of comfort you want without worrying about draining your budget every summer.

To find out more about Aqua Chill installation in Phoenix, AZ, or to schedule an estimate with our expert team call our cooling specialists today.

What makes AquaChill different from my current air conditioner?

The standard air conditioner is an “air-source” system: it uses the air as the medium for the heat exchange it carries out to cool down your home. The refrigerant in the AC extracts heat from inside a home, making the interior cooler; it then moves that heat and releases it to the outside. However, the hotter the temperature, the more energy an air conditioner must expend to cool a home to a comfortable level—and in Phoenix’s blistering highs, an AC can need to strain an enormous amount.

An AquaChill resembles the standard air conditioner in most ways. It also cycles refrigerant, and it uses a compressor to change the refrigerant into a high-pressure gas that will move through the system. However, aqua chill also employs water—similar to an evaporative or swamp cooler, although it is not actually a swamp cooler—to aid the cooling. An AquaChill uses a water spray to pre-cool the outdoor condenser coils so that the air conditioner will more rapidly cool down a home. Essentially, the water gives the AC a “head start” so it won’t need to run as long to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. And it doesn’t add any excess moisture into your home the way that swamp coolers do, because water is only used on the outside coil.

However, you cannot simply pick out an AquaChill unit and hope for the best. Because it still works in a fashion similar to an air conditioner, Aqua Chill installation in Phoenix, AZ requires experts in AC work. Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning is proud to offer the advantages of the AquaChill system, and we can help you find the effective and efficient unit that will keep your home cool and your budget under control all through the summer.

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What Is Entailed with Blower Door Testing?

Friday, June 20th, 2014

Right now, you home is probably losing energy through air leaks. No matter how well insulated a home is, it will still have spots where it can lose heat during cold weather, or gain it during warm weather. The latter is a special concern in a climate as hot Phoenix’s. Your home’s air conditioning may work harder than necessary to combat the excess heat that steals in through the gaps in the house’s sealing, and that means energy waste throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

You can try to seal up your home to make it more efficient—but how will you know where to begin? There’s a method that can help: call Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning and ask for blower door testing in Phoenix, AZ. This is a U.S. Department of Energy-recommended way to find the air leaks in a building. After a blower door test, you’ll know how airtight your home is… and how you can improve it for better energy savings and higher indoor air quality.

Here’s how a blower door test works

The blower door itself is a doorway-shaped fan that seals onto the frame of an outside door. The technicians attach the blower door to your home’s front door, and then make sure that all the other doors and windows in your home are shut and sealed, as well as the fireplace dampers and woodstove air inlets. The technicians also make sure that no natural-gas appliances will fire during the test.

Once the preparations are done, the technicians turn on the variable-speed fan in the blower door to lower the air pressure inside your home by drawing air out of it. The door contains a number of diagnostic tools to confirm the airtightness of the house. These include an air pressure gauge to measure the differences between indoor and outdoor pressure, and an airflow manometer and hoses that measure airflow.

With the pressure lower inside the home than outside, outdoor air will rush in through all available openings to fill the vacuum. The technicians use smoke pencils to pinpoint these leaking spots. The process should take around an hour (dependent on the size of the home) to determine the house’s airtightness and the location of air leaks.

After our energy auditors from Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning have completed blower door testing in Phoenix, AZ, they will have a solid idea of the steps to take to better insulate your house to save energy. You can rely on our insulation services to help you make the most of the results of the blower door test.

Since 1939, our team of heating, cooling, and ventilation specialists have helped people in Phoenix enjoy greater comfort and higher energy savings in their homes. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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How Humidifiers Benefit Your Mesa Home

Friday, June 13th, 2014

The Valley of the Sun is one of the driest heavily populated regions in the U.S. We experience scorching summer temperatures with humidity levels that can drop below 33%. Although the dry climate has its advantages—it’s easier for a body to cool down in areas of low moisture because sweat evaporates so fast—it also brings problems with it, some of which manifest during the winter. Even during the summer, you can benefit from looking into whole-house humidifiers in Mesa, AZ.

Although you can purchase portable, single-room humidifiers, these have limited usefulness (they work best to help babies sleep and for people with breathing problems). Only professional whole-house humidifier installation can treat the troubles from dryness in a home.

Contact the air quality experts at Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning today to find out more about having a humidifier installed into your home’s heating and cooling system.

How a humidifier benefits your home (and the people inside it)

  • Improved comfort: “Dry heat” is synonymous with “tolerable heat.” But low humidity can also lead to you feeling too cold. Dry air pulls heat from your body, and on cooler days this will lead to you feeling colder than the air around you. You will end up needing to turn your heater on earlier and run it more often. Restoring the humidity balance above 33% will help you feel more comfortable: remember, balance is best when it comes to the moisture in the air. (Another small comfort benefit from a humidifier: fewer static electrical shocks.)
  • Protects furnishings: Extreme dryness in a home will cause damage to some surfaces and furniture. Wood is especially susceptible to this, and wood panels, floorboards, and fixtures will begin to warp and crack as all the moisture leaves them. This will devastate valuable antiques. Paint will also start to peel and chip off surfaces. If you have precision wooden devices in your home, such as musical instruments, aridity can ruin them.
  • Fewer health problems: A number of health issues are connected to low humidity. Dry and flaky skin and chapped lips are common and immediately noticeable. There are more serious conditions: respiratory infections, congestions, nose and throat trouble. A dry climate also encourages the inculcation and spread of some viruses, and will often make people feel lethargic and “low.”

The climate in the Valley of the Sun (300 days of sunshine a year) makes it important to consider humidifiers for a Mesa, AZ home. Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning has helped take care of people with excellent installation of humidifiers and other air quality appliances for decades. Contact us to alleviate the low humidity in your home.

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Is a Swamp Cooler a Good Choice for Air Conditioning Replacement in Chandler?

Friday, June 6th, 2014

You have more options for air conditioning replacement in Chandler, AZ than you probably realize. You can have a heat pump installed, or a ductless mini split, or even an evaporative cooler, i.e. a swamp cooler.

“Wait a minute, what is a swamp cooler?” you might ask. That’s a good question, and it may turn out that the energy-efficient power of a swamp cooler is the perfect AC solution for your home. These systems aren’t right for everyone, but if a swamp cooler fits your needs, the advantages are tremendous.

To find out if your house and a swamp cooler are a good match, talk to the professionals at Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning today. Since 1939, we’ve used innovation to keep people in the Valley of the Sun cooled down in the summer heat.

What evaporative (swamp) coolers do

If you hang a wet towel across a window and feel the cool breeze blow through it, you are experiencing the power of evaporative cooling. As hot dry air passes over or through water, it loses heat and cools off. Swamp coolers are based on this simple principle. (And, despite the mysterious name, they don’t work in wet climate but are more suited for arid desert climates.)

A swamp cooler contains a blower that draws in outside air and passes it through a set of damp pads, allowing evaporation to occur that absorbs the heat from the air. A pump keeps the pads wet, so you don’t need to keep supplying them with water. The cooled air then enters your home.

Is this an effective replacement for an air conditioner? Sometimes. Evaporative coolers are more energy efficient than ACs because they do not need to power a compressor, and they cost less to install. Swamp coolers also act as humidifiers, since they place water into the air (where ACs remove it), and this can be either a positive or a negative depending on your house and where it’s located. If you are concerned about the environment, a swamp cooler is a good option because it does not release any ozone depleting gases.

However, swamp coolers must have climates that are hot and dry or they simply cannot draw out heat from the air. On wet days, a swamp cooler can turn the inside of a house into a damp, even sticky and unpleasant place; this also leads to damage to building material. Swamp coolers also require extensive maintenance, with the pads changed regularly or else they will develop mildew and contaminate indoor air quality and create unpleasant smells.

The dry, hot climate makes swamp coolers an attractive possibility for air conditioning replacement in Chandler, AZ. But you need to think about this choice carefully, and consult with professionals in heating and cooling.

Call Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning today and ask about your best choices for cooling off this summer and the summers to come.

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