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When to Get Serious About Air Conditioning Repair

Monday, April 27th, 2015

It kind of goes without saying that you must have a great air conditioning system to rely on when you live in Phoenix, AZ. Like all other mechanical systems in existence, of course, your air conditioner is likely going to run into some operational problems from time to time. When it does, you simply need to dial our number to schedule professional air conditioning repair services with qualified professionals. However, you must remember that you should not wait for your system to break down entirely before doing so. There are many instances in which professional AC repair is necessary despite the fact that your system is still up and running. Keep an eye out for the following warning signs, and contact Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning the moment that you suspect the need for air conditioning repair services.

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Understanding How Insulation Affects Your Home’s Temperature

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Your insulation in Phoenix, AZ is a staple for keeping our homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Desert temperatures tend to hit all kinds of extremes, and the better your insulation, the more comfortable your home will stay, no matter what’s going on outside.  But how, exactly, does it do that? Understanding how insulation affects your home’s temperature goes a long way towards understanding how it can save you money. Call Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning today to schedule quality insulation services. 

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Do I Really Need Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Monday, April 13th, 2015

Let us start by answering the question above right away: yes, you absolutely must schedule routine air conditioning maintenance in Phoenix, AZ. We’ll get into the reasons for this in more detail below, but the long and short of it is that there is just no better alternative to keeping your system in peak operating condition. That being said, you must ensure that your air conditioning maintenance is completed by trained, experienced professionals only. A thorough air conditioning tune-up is more complex than you may realize, and only qualified technicians have the tools and expertise necessary to ensure that the job is done right. To schedule exceptional air conditioning maintenance throughout the area, contact Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning today.

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3 Common Causes of Inefficient Residential Cooling

Monday, April 6th, 2015

Keeping in mind just how hot it can get in Phoenix, AZ during the summer months, you don’t need us to tell you that cooling your home effectively should be a top priority. The problem that many homeowners face, though, is that they are unable to cool their homes as efficiently as they’d like. Air conditioners require power in order to run, and that power does not come for free. However, exorbitant cooling costs may be the result of inefficiency caused by some sort of problem with your air conditioner, or even the way in which you use it. Here are 3 common causes of inefficient residential cooling that the technicians here at Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning see. If you really want to improve the efficiency level at which you cool your home, we recommend giving us a call today to have any issues with your system addressed by our qualified Phoenix AC repair professionals.

  1. Leaky Ductwork – Many homeowners used ducted, forced air distribution systems in order to distribute cooled air throughout their living spaces. This can be quite an efficient means of doing so. However, leaky ductwork is an all-too common problem in many homes, and one which can seriously impede the efficiency with which your HVAC system operates. If you find that you have high energy costs, and you are unable to cool your home effectively or evenly, it is possible that your ductwork is leaking. Having your air ducts professionally repaired or sealed is the only way in which to eliminate the problem.
  2. Malfunctioning Thermostats – The thermostat(s) that you use in order to regulate temperatures throughout your home can play a major role in determining the efficiency with which your AC system operates. If your thermostats are in direct sunlight or located right by doors or windows, then it is possible that your thermostat will read temperatures improperly. This means that they may call for cooling continuously, racking up your energy costs in the process. If your thermostat is not properly installed, or if it malfunctioning in any way, you simply will not be able to efficiently cool your home.
  3. Refrigerant Leaks – Your air conditioner is reliant upon a refrigerant cycle in order to facilitate the heat transfer process. The refrigerant absorbs heat from the air in your home, travels to the outdoor unit, and that heat is released outside. The process then repeats as needed in order to keep your home cool and comfortable. If you do not have the right level of refrigerant in your air conditioner, its performance will suffer and you risk serious damage to your system.

Let Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning know if you are having trouble cooling your home efficiently. Whatever the problem may be, we can offer you and your AC the solutions necessary to cool your home more affordably. Our technicians are some of the finest in the business, and your comfort and satisfaction with the quality of service we provide are our top priorities.

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