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Goettl leaving a legacy as a longstanding cooling company in EV

Monday, August 7th, 2017

For 78 years, Goettl Air Conditioning has been cooling off the sweltering East Valley. Now, the hard-to-spell company is adjusting to new consumer needs and technology while expanding its footprint to Southern California and Nevada.

Gust and Adam Goettl developed the Phoenix area’s first evaporative cooler and refrigerated air conditioning unit in 1939 to battle the severe desert temperatures, according to the Goettl website.

Dan Burke, chairman of Goettl, joined the company in 1989.

“At the time I came, the business was focused on building and manufacturing of air conditioning equipment,” Burke said of the Tempe-based firm. “As time went by, we could see there was a growing need for high-quality and expert contracting to repair and replace units.”

Goettl survived and thrived in its small-business phase.

“We were one of the fewer smaller manufacturers still operating,” he said. “Most had already been gobbled up by bigger companies. In this business, you can’t be a small manufacturer.”

Times have changed for Goettl.

“We’re a big contractor but we’re a relative small company and we do what we can,” Burke said.

“We do have a shortage of technicians and will probably always have that going forward. There is a lot of movement of employees, and a lot of competing for technicians.”

Burke listed reasons Goettl is a great place for an air conditioning tech to work.

“We have work year-round, at a level that will keep anybody who is good and wants to be successful in this industry busy,” he said. “We have a great operation here.”

The company’s unique Southwestern base helps it approach the job differently.

“For us, it’s not a hobby,” Burke said. “Back East and in the Midwest, you can open a window. But here, it’s not that way.

“It’s not just temperatures but dust storms and the monsoon. You need compression systems to deal with that. Otherwise, your utilities bills will continue to increase.

“Goettl provides comfort at a decent price.”

The company also made the shift to service because of government regulation.

“I’m not sure the typical homeowner realizes the regulations in this business,” Burke said. “We had to shift our focus to become expert in service. That has allowed us to grow.

“We decided to let the bigger companies make the best equipment and we would focus on the best service and installation. That was a good decision for us.”

Goettl and Burke have seen a lot of new innovations in their years. Among the most current are variable-speed and variable-capacity units.

“Now, units can operate at a lower performance level when you have less areas to cool or the temperature is less demanding,” Burke said. “That saves money and gives more comfort.

“Having it not run, then run like hell, then not run doesn’t provide the best comfort.”

Networked units and apps are also changing the game.

“Another thing being implemented now is self-diagnostics systems that will alert the homeowner or service company to things it detects,” he said.

“Now, you can get applications through your wireless device to control the thermostat. When you’re getting on an airplane, you can tell your home in Phoenix to turn on the air conditioning.

“It’s really a wireless thing. The next generation of people are quite comfortable with those kinds of apps.”

Despite all the new tech, gadgets and gizmos, the best thing a consumer can do to help keep the air conditioner in good shape is a simple one.

“Make sure the filters are changed regularly,” Burke said. “If you don’t do that, you can get debris, cat hair and dust into the coils of the equipment, and that reduces the efficiency and slows down air flow.”

Burke also recommends maintenance.

“Units should be checked every year,” he said. “Refrigerant, tuneups and a general tightening would avoid a really extensive, serious failure later.

“Relatively modest repairs can help avoid major repairs.”

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Sadie the dog decides who works for Goettl

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

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Profile: Vice President Dan Bonner

Thursday, May 11th, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 11.23.07 AM

Name: Dan Bonner

Title: Vice President at Goettl Air Conditioning & Sunny Plumber

Married/Single: Married

Kids: 2 daughters Samantha and Emily, and my son Zack

My day is like…

getting through a significant day of work, then ending it with my family.

I was born…

in Philadelphia, let’s go E-A- G-L- E-S!

My favorite thing about Arizona…

is the weather. No more daily rain, raking, shoveling, wind hurting my face, dressing in a dozen layers just to run a quick errand, etc.

I’m listening to…

our newly adopted puppy squeaking his new toy. He is making sure that is all anyone can hear at the moment, a payback gift from mom, it contains 5 squeakers.

One thing I cannot live without…

is my coffee in the morning. I need to get in at least one cup at 5 am just before diving into my work emails.

When I was younger, I wanted to be…

older. I’ve gained more patience since.

I’m inspired by…

my wife. She is a strong person. She bends without breaking, while keeping everything together and holding the family up at the same time. She is incredible.

The one person who motivates me is…

there has been several people that I have met, but the man in the mirror does it most. It has not been easy, but I’ve found that when I took the responsibility for my own motivation, I was able to meet more of my own goals and exceed my own expectations.

The perfect day would be…

an early round of good golf followed by an evening with my wife. She is my best friend. It doesn’t matter what we do, we always have a wonderful time.

My first job was…

caddying at a country club. A group of us from the neighborhood would get up early on Saturdays’ hitch hike out to the Country Club. The job was a good way for an underaged kid to earn some real money for some real unnecessary stuff I’m sure I had to have at the time.

My life…

has been an adventure, struggle, and a joy. I’m grateful for it all.

I’m currently working on…

tweaking two already successful companies, Goettl Air Conditioning & Sunny Plumber to the next level in customer experience.

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3 Important Benefits of Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Monday, June 22nd, 2015

As a commercial property owner, you already understand just how vital it is that you are able to maintain a comfortable environment within your property throughout the year. In order to do so, as you also likely know, you must have a great commercial HVAC system in place. If you think that investing in quality equipment is enough to guarantee that, though, you are in for a rude awakening. While the quality of your commercial heating and air conditioning equipment is essential, so too is scheduling the maintenance services necessary for keeping your systems in fine working condition. That is why you cannot afford to overlook the benefits of commercial HVAC maintenance in Phoenix, AZ. Contact Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning to schedule service with exceptional commercial HVAC technicians. 

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Choosing the Right Contractor for Commercial HVAC Services

Monday, October 13th, 2014

Quality HVAC services can help you save money over time and keep your customers, clients, and/or employees happy. Regular commercial HVAC maintenance can help your business save money and keep everyone more comfortable throughout the year. Professional repairs can get your commercial property back to normal quickly. And replacing an older system can leave you with better performance for years to come.

But if you choose an inexperienced contractor, repairs and maintenance can take far too long, or your new HVAC system may be less than satisfactory. Choosing the right contractor for commercial HVAC services is vital to a positive experience. So in order to help you find the right commercial HVAC contractor for the job, Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning has put together this list of a few of the questions you should ask before scheduling service.

  • Are you licensed to do this type of work? Make sure that your technician has the proper licensing and certification to work on large commercial units and make any necessary repairs. This ensures that the person will be familiar with all makes and models and that they carry the proper equipment for the job.
  • Do you have experience servicing HVAC systems for large commercial properties? Commercial HVAC repair, replacement, and maintenance differs greatly from residential services. Generally, one packaged unit holds all of the components of a business’s cooling and heating system. This is much different than split-system residential air conditioners and furnaces, which is why you need an experienced commercial repair or maintenance who can locate all of the components quickly. And a residential technician may simply be unfamiliar with the installation process, any zone control needs, or the duct system involved with commercial properties.
  • Can I call any time for future services? You should also make sure that the company you hire is able to make repairs or perform maintenance for your unit in the future, so that you can easily locate their contact information for services. A company that is available 24/7 is an added bonus, as you can make sure you can contact this company at any time.

If you need commercial HVAC services in Phoenix, Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning has experienced technicians you can contact us any time, 24/7.

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What Are the Benefits of a High Efficiency Commercial Air Conditioner?

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

One of the major expenses of running a company in Phoenix is the electrical power used to run the air conditioning system that makes the workplace comfortable during the lengthy hot season in central Arizona. No indoor location where people congregate can endure for long without an AC to counteract the heat that often remains above 100°F for weeks at a time. For a productive business, it is especially critical to have a cooled-down environment for the productivity of workers and the contentment of customers/clients/tenants.

However, you don’t have to accept astronomically high bills to run your commercial HVAC in Phoenix, AZ. You have the option to install a high-efficiency air conditioning system for your company. Although these ACs cost more to install than standard efficiency systems, the potential savings they can offer to a business that requires almost constant cooling are tremendous.

They can assist you with discovering what a high-efficiency AC can do for you and the long-term savings it can bring to your business.

Call Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning today and speak to our commercial HVAC specialists and schedule an appointment for your business today.

The principle benefit of a high-efficiency air conditioning system is a major reduction in power use that results in savings. Effectively installed, one of these systems can save a Phoenix business up to 60% in energy costs during a year. That’s a significant chunk removed from the yearly budget, which you can redirect into other parts of the business. And these systems won’t cause a drop in cooling power for your employees and/or customers; high-efficiency air conditioners use less power to run, but they produce the same level of cooling as less efficient systems.

Most high-efficiency ACs operate using special “scroll compressors,” which not only allow their reduced energy use, but also mean a longer life for the system because of reduced stress. Scroll compressors also run at quieter levels than standard compressors.

A high-efficiency system also reduces the environmental impact of your company. It’s a way to make your business more “green” without sacrificing comfort, and it also helps keep your company up to code.

When you consult with Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning for your commercial HVAC in Phoenix, AZ, you’ll have a team of some of the best technicians available working with you. They will help you sort through the options for ACs to keep your company comfortable through the long hot spells while keeping your business budget under control. Trust to the contractor that has helped the Valley of the Sun survive the sun for 75 years! Contact us today.

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Why Are Commercial Air Conditioning Systems Located on the Roof?

Friday, May 16th, 2014

The great workhorses of the commercial HVAC world are packaged rooftop units that serve to both air condition and heat a workspace. You’re probably familiar with the sight of these from any time you’ve been high up enough to see the tops of buildings. However, residential homes rarely have their heat pumps or air conditioners on the roof (although you see it occasionally, usually for evaporative coolers, a.k.a. swamp coolers), so why are commercial systems different? We’ll look at this further in this post.

If you operate a business with packaged rooftop air conditioning, then you must rely on professionals to handle maintenance and repair work. For quality commercial air conditioning in Paradise Valley, AZ, look to the many decades of experience here at Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning. We’ve served the Valley of the Sun since 1939 and offer high-efficiency commercial AC installation, repairs, and maintenance.

Why is that AC up on the roof?

Air conditioners first moved up to the roofs of commercial buildings because conditions in downtown U.S. cities, with high-rises pressed close to each other, were too crowded to allow placement on the ground. Because the roof location offered other advantages, the air conditioners have remained up there even in less congested commercial districts.

Considering how large commercial air conditioning systems need to be in order to meet the cooling requirements of a business, the roof is one of the most economical and attractive places to install them. An AC on the roof not only consumes less valuable commercial space, it looks better. Although modern HVAC manufacturers strive to make their units systems as sleek as possible, air conditioners are still not “pretty” to look at, so keeping them restricted to a place removed from eye-level creates a less cluttered and inviting appearance for a business. Since these large ACs also generate a great deal of noise when they run, putting them on the roof keeps extra sound pollution out of the workplace.

Rooftop units are easier to service without causing disruption to a business. A rooftop AC for a home is a nuisance to access—even potentially dangerous—but for a business it is an ideal spot.

The HVAC systems for businesses are more prone to damage from outdoor elements, as well as possible targets for vandalism. The rooftop location keeps the sensitive components of the AC removed from damage due to vegetation, gravel, cars, and humans.

Keeping your business’ workplace cooled down during the heavy Arizona summers is important for the happiness of your employees, customers, and clients. We take pride in the work we provide for commercial air conditioning in Paradise Valley, AZ, and we will strive to deliver complete satisfaction that will make us your regular choice for AC service. Call us today.

If you encounter any troubles with your rooftop air conditioner, you can reach Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning any time of the day or night for emergency service.

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How to Select the Right Commercial HVAC System for Your Business

Friday, March 28th, 2014

When shopping, eating in a restaurant, or spending time in any type of commercial building, we often take our comfort for granted. However, the owners and managers of the business didn’t: they made sure to select the right commercial HVAC system to provide ideal, “invisible” comfort for patrons, customers, and clients. They also made certain their employees would enjoy the same comfort.

When you’re looking to install commercial HVAC in Mesa, AZ for your business, you should take the same steps these other successful businesses did in order to have the best system possible put in. It will make for happier workers and more content customers.

Because of the complexity of commercial HVAC systems and the number of factors to consider when choosing and then installing a system, you should hire a professional contractor that specializes in commercial work. Look to Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning and our staff of commercial cooling and heating professionals for the work you need done.

Selecting the Right Commercial Unit

The most popular type of HVAC system for businesses is the rooftop package unit, which comes pre-assembled with all the necessary components to provide both heating and cooling. (You can choose to have a unit that only provides air conditioning if you prefer.) These units are simple for technicians to install and easy for them to maintain without interfering in regular business operations.

But choosing the right unit is about more than pointing toward a rooftop heater/AC and saying, “that one.” You need to have the right size system. Sizing an HVAC unit is important for home comfort, but it is even more critical—and more difficult to determine—in the commercial world. You will need installation professionals to determine the amount of heating and cooling the HVAC system must produce based on the size of the space, the number of people in it on average, and the output of heat from appliances. Your installers will perform a complete load calculation to determine the unit size. This is known as a “Manual J,” which specifically evaluates business facilities.

Ask your installer to quote you on the specifications for standard-efficiency and high-efficiency units, including the estimated costs for its full lifespan. It may turn out that the high-efficiency unit, although costlier to purchase upfront, will offer lower costs for its lifespan. In this case, you are better off paying more for the initial installation in order to receive greater energy savings over all.

Have the Installers Involved As Soon As Possible

You do not want to make an error when selecting a commercial HVAC system. An error in a home installation can turn out costly, but your business will suffer because of the discomfort from a poorly chosen and sized HVAC system. Make sure you start out in the right direction with guidance from HVAC professionals with long experience selecting, sizing, and installing commercial HVAC in Mesa, AZ.

With business history stretching back to 1939, make Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning you first choice. Give us a call today and set up your next service appointment with us.

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