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Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix Blog

Goettl Air Conditioning Invests $10 Million in Las Vegas

Every business needs a headquarters, a central hub of operation. At Goettl Air Conditioning, we believe that such facilities will best serve their communities when they are set up and running directly in those communities. That is why, when CEO and owner of Goettl Air Conditioning Ken Goodrich was ready to invest in a new headquarters, he funneled that money right back into Las Vegas – all $10,000,000 of it!

Now, $10 million is obviously a huge investment, and just like everyone else, we want to ensure that we are getting our best possible return on this investment. You better believe that this is the case. Not only will the new headquarters feature a 100 seat customer service center, as well as a “drive-through” where our technicians can have their vehicles restocked and cleaned before heading out to a job, but it will also serve as the location of Goettl University, fulfilling one of Ken’s lifelong dreams.

Ken elaborates on his decision to keep his headquarters in Las Vegas, explaining he is “I am proud to be a member of this community, a leader in the industry and I’m confident our new complex will add to the vibrancy and success of the region’s economy creating on-going job growth.” With all of the success that Goettl Air Conditioning has seen since Ken took over the business in 2015, this sounds like well-earned confidence.

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