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AC Tip: Keep the Filter Fresh

Monday, August 14th, 2017

Air-filterQuick — what’s the best way in which to keep your air conditioner in the best working condition possible? If you answered “with routine air conditioning maintenance,” then you are correct! What if we asked you what role you yourself should be playing in the maintenance of your air conditioning system, though? Yes, you should leave the bulk of this to your AC tune-up technician. However, there is one vital step that must be completed much more frequently than once a year during this tune-up.

That step? Replacing the air filter in your air conditioner. If you really want your air conditioner in Maricopa, AZ to function at peak performance and efficiency levels — which we can safely assume is the case — then you are going to need to keep a clean filter in the system. While it may not seem like that major a component, the air filter in your air conditioner can have a very negative impact on your system at large if it is not kept fresh.

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The Heat Is On – Is Your Air Conditioner Off?

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

Hopefully not! Unfortunately, this summer season seems to be a bit more extreme than most, and that is leaving many homeowners dealing with broken down ACs done in by the heat. In a summer so hot that the county has opened cooling stations to help protect those without AC or those unprepared for the heat, this is obviously a serious problem. In fact, Goettl Air Conditioning is looking to hire new, qualified technicians just to keep up with the demand!

With temperatures well over 100˚ regularly, we really want to remind homeowners just how vital it is that they schedule routine heating maintenance. There is just no better way to not only keep your air conditioner in great working condition, but also to catch problems early on. As you can see in this video, our business these days is just one broken AC after another. Don’t let yours be the next on our call list!

G-O-E-T-T-L it’ll keep you cool but it’s hard to spell.

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Why Schedule a Professional AC Tune-Up?

Monday, April 24th, 2017

question-markYou don’t need to be a meteorologist to realize that Arizona is home to pretty serious heat for much of the year. At the height of the summer season, the heat in this area can really be unbearable. Great air conditioning is much more of a necessity in our homes than a luxury. That is exactly why you must schedule professional air conditioning maintenance in Phoenix, AZ.

Without regular air conditioning maintenance, there is just no way in which you can hope for your home cooling system to function at peak performance levels. This is a mechanical system, remember, and running it as hard as you do for as long as you do means that it will accrue some serious wear and tear over time. Let us tune up your air conditioner so that you can enjoy the level of performance quality that you deserve.

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Tips for More Affordable Cooling

Monday, September 12th, 2016

While certain areas in the country are bracing for cooler weather, we here in Arizona have nothing but hot and sunny days ahead of us for the foreseeable future. You are going to be running your air conditioner consistently for a while longer still, so you need to know that your system is operating reliably. Of course, you also need to know that it is operating efficiently.

You don’t want to be paying too much to cool your home when you are cooling your home as much as we do in this area. Fortunately, you don’t have to replace your entire air conditioning system in order to cool your home more affordably, either. Consider the following tips for more affordable air conditioning in Phoenix, AZ.

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What Can I Expect to Happen During Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Monday, June 6th, 2016

If you’ve followed this blog at all, you’ve probably noticed that we are strong proponents of air conditioning maintenance. We’ve advised our clients over and over again of just how vital routine maintenance is in order to get the very best performance that your home cooling system has to offer. While most of you will accept this at face value, we do want to make sure that you have a basic understanding of just what you can expect from routine air conditioning maintenance in Phoenix, AZ. Consider the following information, and ask yourself if you really feel confident in your home cooling system.

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Take Care Not to Underestimate the Importance of a Clean Air Filter

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016

When you live in as hot of a climate as we do, you tend to put a lot of value in the reliable, effective operation of your home cooling system. However, too many homeowners fail to give their air conditioning systems the attention that they really need to excel in this performance. While scheduling routine air conditioning maintenance in Phoenix, AZ is certainly the most important step to take in doing so, you must also remember that your air filter must be changed more than once a year. You cannot simply leave the task to your HVAC maintenance technician. Read on to learn a bit more about how a dirty air filter can negatively affect your air conditioning system. 

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Start Thinking About AC Maintenance Today

Monday, February 22nd, 2016

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve now entered that tricky time of the year when you’re not quite sure when you’ll be running your heater, and when you’re going to turn to your AC. With temperatures ranging from the upper fifties to the low eighties, it may seem like your best bet is just to keep both on standby. With this in mind, you must remember that things are only going to get hotter from here on out. While it is still only February, you are going to be running your air conditioner pretty much nonstop before you know it. That is why now is a great time to schedule routine air conditioning maintenance in Phoenix, AZ.

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AC Maintenance Steps You Can Take On Yourself

Monday, September 7th, 2015

Obviously, our air conditioners are in pretty heavy use throughout a pretty substantial part of the year in this area. With that in mind, it should go without saying that homeowners are well-advised to have their systems professionally maintained in order to guarantee that they are able to live comfortably throughout even the hottest time of the year. That being said, there are a few ways in which you can help to maintain your air conditioning system. These simple steps are not intended to replace routine, professional air conditioning maintenance in Phoenix, AZ, of course, but to supplement that all-important service between schedule appointments. If you have any questions, just contact the AC maintenance pros here at Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning.

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