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Common Contributors to Poor Indoor Air Quality

Monday, February 13th, 2017

allergens-from-natureAs soon as you hear the word “comfort,” your mind probably jumps right to your air conditioning system. We live in one of the hottest areas of the country, after all, so your home cooling system definitely plays a vital role in keeping you comfortable throughout the much of the year. Secondly, you may think of your heater. It’s used far less, of course, but is still important. If you are only thinking of temperature control when it comes to your home comfort, however, you are making a major oversight.

The quality of the air in your home must also be taken into serious consideration. Unfortunately, it frequently is not in many homes. There are many reasons as to why your indoor air quality may suffer. Here are a few examples, as well as some suggestions for boosting your indoor air quality in Phoenix, AZ.

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What Type of Air Purifier Do I Need?

Monday, November 16th, 2015

Homeowners in the know realize that the temperature of the air in their homes is not all that matters when it comes their comfort. Sure, you absolutely need a good heating and cooling system installed in your home if you hope to live comfortably therein. That being said, though, comfortable air alone is not going to cut it if the quality of that air is not great. Your HVAC system is designed to regulate temperatures, not to ensure the quality of your indoor air. For that, you just may need an air purifier in Phoenix, AZ. There are different types to consider, though. Work with Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning to ensure that you’re using the right air purifier for your needs.

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Make Sure That You Are Cleaning Your Air Properly

Monday, May 18th, 2015

Keeping your home warm in the winter and cool throughout the summer season is a major part of ensuring that you are able to live in great comfort at all times. However, temperature maintenance is not the only consideration to be made. Equally important to your overall comfort is the quality of the air surrounding you in your home.

While using systems and devices designed to filter and clean your indoor air can be a very effective means by which to do so, it is important to remember that not all air filters and cleaners are designed to handle the same problems. That is why you must take measures to ensure that you are pursing improved indoor air quality in Phoenix, AZ properly. Work with Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning to guarantee that this is the case.

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What Is an Electronic Air Cleaner?

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Though many people are unaware of it, the air quality inside the average home is actually quite poor. Millions of microscopic airborne contaminants are constantly circulating through the home, infecting and adversely affecting the health of the people inside. Often, these pollutants are not strong enough to cause life-threatening illness. However, they can substantially lower your quality of life if left unchecked. Let’s take a look at some of these contaminants, where they come from, and how an electronic air cleaner can help get rid of them.

Airborne Contaminants

Most of the pollutants floating around in a home’s air are things like dust, mites, pollen, and dander. These are definitely lung irritants, and can be a bane to allergy sufferers, but are otherwise not harmful. If you find yourself coughing and sneezing a lot while inside your home, you may have high levels of these contaminants in your air. Other airborne contaminants are more serious, like viruses, mold, and bacteria. These can obviously cause several varieties of sickness if allowed to infect someone, including influenza and the common cold.

These pollutants tend to collect in the ductwork of your home, where lack of human activity allows them to build in numbers. Then, when the heater or air conditioner is turned on, the contaminants are blown around the house. This increases the likelihood of exposure to the people in the home. Several kinds of air purifiers are available that can remove these contaminants. One of the most popular varieties of air purifier is the electronic air cleaner.

The Electronic Air Cleaner

An electronic air cleaner is an air purifier that captures particulates through the use of an electrical field. These cleaners are available as portable models, or as whole-house systems. When air flows through the cleaner, the contaminants that it carries gain a negative charge. These negatively charged particles will then seek out, and stick to, the closes positively-charged surface. Electronic air cleaners include metal plates for this purpose, providing a convenient place for the pollutants to stick to. The plates can then be removed and cleaned to get rid of the particulate buildup. By doing this, the air cleaner improves the quality of your indoor air.

If you’re interested in learning more about air cleaners, call Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning. We provide air cleaners throughout the Paradise Valley area.

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Why High Indoor Air Quality Is Important

Friday, March 21st, 2014

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has identified low indoor air quality as one of the major health threats in the country today. Most Americans spend 85% of their time indoors in buildings that are essentially sealed environments with little circulation of outdoor air, and this contributes to health issues.

Since you spend much of that 85% of your indoor time inside your own house, you need to know why it’s so important to have high quality air circulating through your vents. Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning offers indoor air quality services, and we can assist you with the installation and cleaning necessary to improve the air in your home. Call us for installation of air cleaners in Scottsdale, AZ, as well as duct cleaning services.

The Problems of Low Indoor Air Quality

The U.S. EPA has identified a number of health problems stemming from excess dirt, dust, pollen, and dander contaminating indoor air. The list of immediate effects due to short exposure includes eye, nose, and throat irritation; dizziness; fatigue; nausea; and difficulty sleeping. These symptoms will be much worse for anyone with allergies.

The long-term effects of low indoor air quality are lingering cold and flu-like symptoms, as well as general susceptibility to viruses. The EPA has identified other serious complications from long-term exposure, such as respiratory illnesses. Studies are still uncertain of the link between low indoor air quality and seriously debilitating conditions, since these diseases can come from a number of factors and vary with individuals.

Health issues due to mold infestations inside homes can become serious. According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control, indoor molds such as Aspergillus and Caldosporium can result in respiratory track symptoms, coughing, and wheezing in people with otherwise normal health. People sensitive to airborne pollutants can suffer from severe asthma attacks. The worst reactions include fever and shortness of breath.

You’ve Convinced Me…Now What Can I Do to Have Better Indoor Air Quality?

There are a number of tools that can help you raise your indoor air quality. One of the simplest is to allow in more outside air with open windows. However, this isn’t always an option in the weather in Arizona. As a second line of defense, you can have professionals install mechanical or electronic air cleaners in your HVAC system, as well as UV germicidal lights to eliminate molds. Regular duct testing and cleaning will help keep your ventilation system clear of contaminants.

Contact Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning today and talk to our HVAC specialists about indoor air quality services in Scottsdale, AZ. They can help determine what steps to take to provide you with cleaner air. We install many types of air cleaners from mechanical filters to electronic cleaners. Let us help you get the best indoor air quality you can.

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