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Never Neglect the Services That Your Ductwork Needs

Friday, March 6th, 2015

When you use a ducted forced air distribution system in order to deliver heated and cooled air throughout your home, you put an enormous amount of faith in your air ducts. After all, it is through these air ducts that all of the air that you pay to both heat and cool must travel. That is why you must take whatever steps are necessary in order to keep your ductwork in great working condition. To do so, just dial our number. The Goodyear duct services technicians here at Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning are here to help. Whatever sort of ductwork services you may need, count on our air duct service technicians to get them done with the quality of workmanship that the job demands.

One of the duct services that our team has to offer is professional duct cleaning. While not every home is necessarily going to require or benefit from duct cleaning, is it is a service that is of great value in certain situations. When dust, dirt, and other pollutants are allowed to build up within the ductwork of a home, for any reason, those air ducts can then distribute the pollutants throughout the entire house. Needless to say, this can really do some damage in terms of indoor air quality. By using special tools and vacuums, our technicians can see to it that your ductwork is thoroughly and effectively cleaned.

Leaky ductwork is one of the most common ways in which pollutants make their way into air ducts. It is also one of the major contributors to inefficiency and high heating and cooling costs. These leaks can be tough to pinpoint, though, because most of your air ducts are hidden from view. Professional duct testing allows for a trained professional to assess the condition of your air ducts, pinpointing trouble spots by using the information gathered. If your air ducts are leaking, we can complete quality duct sealing services as well. This is not something that you can hope to accomplish with a flashlight, your toolbox, and a roll of duct tape. Skip the ineffective, DIY service attempts, and let our duct service technicians get the job done right.

We specialize in duct services throughout the Goodyear area. When you work with us, you can count on getting the very best performance that your air ducts have to offer.

If you have any concerns at all about your air ducts, just let a member of the Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning team know today. 


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3 Reasons Why Heat Pumps Are a Good Investment

Thursday, April 24th, 2014

Heat pumps continue to expand into homes as more people discover their numerous advantages. They have become particularly common in hot climates like Arizona’s, where their effective air conditioning power combined with their capability to handle mild winters make them perfect for year-round comfort.

Installing a heat pump is an excellent investment for your next air conditioning/heating installation. We’ll list three reasons why you should put a heat pump at the top of your shopping list when it comes to keeping your home comfortable any day of the year.

Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning installs, maintains, and repairs heat pumps in Goodyear, AZ. We’ve made a name for ourselves since 1939 for always placing customers first.

3 reasons why heat pumps are a good investment:

1. They work as both heaters and air conditioners

The basic operation of a heat pump makes it a good investment because it takes care of two comfort issues in a single unit: heating and cooling. This means you don’t need to purchase a separate heater, like a furnace, along with an air conditioner. A heat pump also saves space and provides a convenience you won’t find in other systems.

2. They’re highly energy-efficient in heating mode

Although heat pumps can sometimes struggle with providing heat in extreme low temperatures (which are rarely an issue in Arizona), they have superior energy efficiency in heating mode compared to fuel-burning systems like furnaces. Furnaces must burn fuel to create heat, but by comparison a heat pump only uses a small amount of electricity to run its mechanical components in order to move heat. Studies have shown that a family of four switching from a furnace to a heat pump can save up to 30% off their heating bills over a winter.

3. They can increase a home’s value

The growing popularity of heat pumps—especially in Arizona, where they ideally suit the climate—makes them valuable additions to a home. The advantages of a home with an energy-efficient, safe, space-saving heating and cooling system already installed will give it the edge over homes that don’t have such advantages.

There are many other advantages to heat pumps, such as safety and humidity control.

If you want to find out more about how heat pumps operate and if they are the best choice for your home, call our Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning experts in heat pumps in Goodyear, AZ today.

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Common AC Repair Needs in Goodyear, AZ

Monday, August 19th, 2013

In Goodyear, AZ, AC repair is no laughing matter. Desert heat can climb well above triple digits, and a malfunctioning air conditioning system leaves you without a cool home to retreat to. A good serviceman will respond to calls quickly and professionally, correcting the problem and bringing comfortable temperatures back to your living space. It helps if you’re able to identify the general nature of the repair in order to point the serviceman in the right direction.

Are you looking for an AC repair company in Goodyear, AZ? Look no further than Goettl Good Guys!

Common AC Repair Needs You Might Come Across:

  • Low refrigerant. Refrigerant is a key component in your AC unit, responsible for the cooling process itself. If a leak develops and the system loses refrigerant, the unit will struggle to cool the household efficiently. You may see ice form on the evaporator coils, a common sign that refrigerant levels are low.
  • Overloaded components. Certain elements of the air conditioning system, such as the compressor motor, may contain automatic shut-off systems that kick in when the component is damaged or overworked. This shuts off your entire system, preventing it from suffering further damage until you can get a serviceman in to look at it.
  • Lack of maintenance. If an AC system isn’t regularly maintained, small problems can develop that will eventually lead to larger ones. For instance, if the air filter isn’t regularly cleaned or replaced, it can get clogged with dirt, increasing the amount of dust in the system and possibly interfering with air flow as well. If the evaporator coils get dirty, it can affect the cooling process, forcing your system to work harder to cool your air. General wear and tear can result in leaks to the system, which further reduces efficiency. A trained expert can conduct regular maintenance calls, keeping your system clean and preventing the damage associated with neglect.

If your air conditioning system experiences problems, don’t hesitate to call Goettl Good Guys to resolve the issue. Our trained experts serve Goodyear, AZ and most of the greater Phoenix area. We can identify the problem quickly and correct it with the efficiency of experienced professionals. Contact us for all of your AC repair needs.

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