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Don’t Put Your Heating Repairs on the Backburner

Monday, January 15th, 2018

dog-under-blanketYou aren’t going to have to worry about waking up early to shovel out your car when you live here in Arizona, nor will you really have to worry about subzero temperatures turning every errand that you have to run into an adventure through the tundra. Our winters are mild—but not mild enough to completely put them out of mind. It does get uncomfortably chilly even around here, which is why you need your heater to function properly.

Because we don’t really rely on our heaters to the same extent that we do our air conditioning systems, it can be easy to overlook the warning signs that your heater is in trouble. Doing so will only lead to more serious problems down the road, though. If you are serious about getting the best performance that your heater has to offer, you are going to need to schedule prompt heating repairs in Chandler, AZ when trouble arises. 

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Dirty Air Filters Cause Heating Problems

Monday, January 1st, 2018

man-with-filterHeaters are mechanical systems,  and that means that occasional operating problems are inevitable. Routine heating maintenance will certainly help to keep any such problems to a minimum, but you are eventually going to require professional heating repairs in Phoenix, AZ.  The fact that our winter season is so mild does not mean that you can just ignore problems with your home heating system. While annual maintenance is a must, there is also one maintenance task that you should handle on your own, much more frequently than once a year.

That task? Changing your air filter. If you use a forced-air heater, such as a furnace or a heat pump, then you need to make sure you are keeping a fresh filter in that system at all times. Typically, it will need to be changed somewhere in the range of every 1-3 months. These filters are cheap and very simple to swap out, and the benefits of doing so as needed cannot be overlooked.

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Is It Time for Heating Repairs?

Monday, December 18th, 2017

chilly-manIf so, then you really should schedule service as soon as possible. We know that it can be easy to overlook potential problems with your heater if the system is still up and running, but trust us when we tell you that this is never going to be in your best interest. The longer that you wait to schedule your heating repairs in Phoenix, AZ, the worse off your system is likely to be. You don’t want to wait until the system breaks down entirely.

But how are you supposed to know that your heater is in need of repairs, particularly if it is still warming your home at least moderately successfully? The key is essentially to look for any irregularities in your heating system’s overall performance.  We have a few tips to help you identify such irregularities. Should you notice any such trouble in your home, schedule prompt heating repairs with Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix. We’ll resolve your problems ASAP.

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Boost Your Heating Efficiency

Monday, December 4th, 2017

Okay, trust us. We know that our summer seasons are a lot more intense than the cold of the winter nights in this part of the country.  Just because we are not waking up to ice on the sidewalks and subzero temperatures, however, does not mean that your heater is really any less important than your air conditioner. Yes, it may help you get through the hottest days of the year, but knowing that your AC is dependable doesn’t do much for you on a chilly night, does it?

Even if you are not running your heater as much as you do your air conditioner, it needs to work. And you know what else? We think that it needs to work efficiently. A relatively small amount of time on the playing field does not mean that your heater should get away with an inefficient heating output. Here are a few tips that can help you to enjoy more efficient heating in Phoenix, AZ.

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What Could Cause Cool Spots in My Home?

Monday, November 21st, 2016

If you think that our mild winter weather means that you don’t need a great performance from your home heating system, think again. Sure, we aren’t going to be facing heavy snowfall and subzero temperatures. However, there are plenty of cold nights ahead of us, and your heater should be able to heat your house successfully throughout the season.

As is the case with most heating problems, a heater that leaves cool spots in your home could be the result of a few different issues. We’ll discuss some of the most common causes below. If you are struggling to heat your home evenly, our technicians are sure to help.

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How Does Short Cycling Affect My Heater?

Monday, November 7th, 2016

We don’t have to worry about subzero conditions and snowfall in our geographic region, but the hottest time of the year is definitely in the rear-view at this point. Daytime temperatures are falling from the 80’s into the 70’s and 60’s. Nighttime temperatures are cooler still. Long, hot summers aside, this is the time of year when we are reminded of how important our heaters in Phoenix, AZ really are.

If you notice any problems with your home heating system as we move into the cooler season, do not ignore them. Short cycling is one of the most obvious signs that trouble is brewing. Be vigilant, and let us know if your heater doesn’t seem to be running in full cycles.

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Furnace Problems to Correct This Spring

Monday, April 7th, 2014

The Valley of the Sun is certainly not a place with a reputation for cool, occasionally chilly summers. If you use a furnace to heat your home, it will likely take a long vacation for the next few months while your AC takes over the role of comfort-giver.

However, this is an excellent time to have furnace repairs done. You won’t need to have the furnace running, so repairs will create no disruption. The repair technicians will have more open calendars to schedule your repairs, since they will have far fewer summer air conditioner breakdown emergencies.

For your heating in Apache Junction, AZ, call Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning and schedule early those furnace repairs so you’re ready for the first cold day later in the year.

Furnace issues to repair

  • Uneven heating: At the end of the winter, during days when the furnace was still running, did you notice that some rooms felt cooler than they should? Uneven heating points to a number of possible malfunctions in a furnace, such as faulty air handlers or the system short-cycling. In an electric furnace, it could be failed heating elements. Repair technicians will find the root cause and repair it.
  • Unusual odors from the vents: Whether the smell your nostrils detected from the vents was musty or acrid, anything out of the ordinary needs investigation. A motor might be on the edge of burning out. The vents might be broken, allowing in stale air. Too much dirt could have gathered along the burner in a gas furnace.
  • Weak and intermittent burner ignition: Whether your gas furnace employs a standing pilot light or an electronic ignition, it should light up all the jets along the burner. But if the burner turns on and off, or not all of the jets come off, you may have trouble with gas flow, valves, dirt, or corrosion. Repair technicians will need to remove the burner to inspect it and find out what is causing the problem.

Schedule maintenance sooner rather than later

Something else to consider for spring: has your furnace had maintenance during the last year? Usually, technicians inspect furnaces during the fall, but if you didn’t schedule it for the previous fall, you should have it done now rather than waiting for the upcoming fall. Maintenance will help you discover repairs that you may not have realized were necessary.

Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning has the Good Guys Club to help you maintain your furnace or other heating in Apache Junction, AZ. Enjoy preferred pricing and extended warranties on all parts and labor.

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This Is How Dirty Ducts Affect Your Home’s Heating

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014

Modern gas furnaces depend on a system of ducts to distribute hot air throughout your house. Over time, dust can build up inside those ducts. We live in a dusty part of the country, and over time that can create severe problems with your indoor air quality.  Even worse, dirty ducts can affect your furnace’s ability to heat the household, making it work harder to do its job.   If you need duct cleaning in Scottsdale, give Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning a call today.

In the first place, air flow through the ducts can be restricted if the build-up gets high enough. Reduced air flow means that the heated air isn’t circulated through your home as quickly as it could be, slowing the heating process and forcing your system to work harder to get to the temperatures you need it to be. That means higher monthly heating bills as well as increased wear and tear on the components.

Dirty air ducts can also lead to clogged air filters, which can cause your heating system to heat less effectively. Really dirty filters can restrict air flow so much your furnace will shut down to prevent overheating! If you have to change your furnace filters often because they keep getting clogged, its a good sign you need your ducts cleaned.

Furthermore, dust and dirt can lead to poor air quality. This can exacerbate allergies and increase irritation in the nose and throat, which you certainly don’t want to accompany a cozy temperature.

The good news is that you don’t have to live with the problem. Once you know how dirty ducts affect your home’s heating, you can take steps to correct it. Here in Scottsdale, duct cleaning services are provided by the professionals at Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning. We’ll get the dust out of your duct system and set up a maintenance schedule to help keep your heating system free of dust going forward. Pick up the phone and give us a call today to make an appointment. You’ll be glad you did!

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Are Loud Sounds from My Heater a Reason to Call for Repair Help?

Sunday, January 12th, 2014

If you’ve lived with your heater through at least one cold spell (yes, we do have them in Phoenix), then you’ll know the sort of sounds it makes during regular operation. When your heater makes a strange, loud sound you haven’t heard from it previously, it’s usually a caution sign: something is going wrong within the heating system, and it may require repairs. Pay attention to those noises and don’t hesitate to call in for heating service in Phoenix so you can help ensure your family’s comfort this Winter.

Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning has decades of experience servicing heating systems of all kinds. If you hear any of the following noises coming from your heate—whether you have a furnace, heat pump, or radiant syste­m—contact us for the inspection and necessary repairs.

Warning sounds from your heater

  • Loud clicking: Depending on the type of system you have, this could be a number of different problems. For heat pumps, it might be dirty bearings on the motors or a dying capacitor, both of which require immediate attention. With a furnace it could be a malfunctioning electrical ignition, or even cracks in the heat exchangers. The latter can be a serious hazard because it leads to carbon monoxide leaking, so make sure you get repairs done immediately.
  • Clanging and banging: The likely culprit here is a major mechanical piece that has come loose and is hitting the other components. For furnaces and heat pumps, this is often a loose blower motor fan belt. If the belt frays or cracks, it can come loose and will start to strike other parts of the heater. Only timely repairs will keep it from spreading the damage.
  • Booming: For gas-powered furnaces and some hydronic systems like radiant floor heating, this noise occurs because of dirt along the burner unit. Too much grime or a build-up of rust will block oxygen from reaching the gas jets, resulting in this noise.
  • Grinding: This probably because of motors that are overworking and close to burning out. They will need to be replaced.

Repair now or suffer later

Potential repair needs should be looked into immediately, because damage tends to spread to other components in a heater if not taken remedied. The longer you let a malfunction go, the more the heater will overwork until it breaks down and you have a much more expensive repair job on your hands. The strange noise might have an innocuous cause, but chances are high that it doesn’t—so call up professionals like Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning to take care of your heating in Phoenix, AZ when it might be in trouble.

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What’s the Difference Between a Heat Pump and a Furnace?

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

From the point-of-view of a person standing in a room where a vent is sending out warm air, there seems to be little difference between a heat pump and a furnace. The end result is the same: heated air. The two units, wherever they are housed, may make different sounds, but otherwise nothing else is.

This is an illusion however. In almost all important ways, furnaces and heat pumps are vastly different devices that operate on separate principles. We’ll go into a bit more details about the differences between the two comfort systems. We hope this will help you if you’re trying to make a choice between the two for your home. But to make a final decision, you should have expert guidance: Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning. Our many decades of experience will help you decide if a furnace or a heat pump in Scottsdale, AZ is right for you.

Furnaces and heat pumps

Furnaces create heat and then transfer it to the air. In a general sense, they are similar to ovens (from which they originally developed): they heat up the air using their fuel source. Most furnaces either use electricity or natural gas (again, similar to ovens) to create this heat. The heat is transferred to the air, and then fans blow that air into the ducts that send it through your home. Natural gas furnaces have to vent away the exhaust from combustion. All this occurs inside a single indoor cabinet.

Heat pumps do not create heat at all, however. They move heat from one place to another, using separate units: one indoors and one outdoors. The outdoor unit draws heat from the air, then transfers it indoors using refrigerant. The inside unit then releases the heat to the indoors, which blowers send through vents. (There are ductless versions, however, called ductless mini splits.) Heat pumps use electrical power to run and do not create any emissions from burning fuel.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the two is that the heat pump can also serve as an air conditioner: if it reverses the direction of heat exchange, drawing heat from indoors and putting it outdoors, it will cool down the inside of a home. Furnaces will only heat; heat pumps can heat and cool.

So why doesn’t everyone install a heat pump?

They sound a bit too good to be true, don’t they? But heat pumps are not ideal for every home or every climate; sometimes they have trouble providing enough heat, something at which furnaces excel. However, the easiest way to know which system will work the best for you is to consult with experts, such as those at Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning. Our specialists are devoted to bringing you the best comfort they can, and they’ll help you decide in your debate of furnace vs. heat pump in Scottsdale, AZ.

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