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Why You Need Prompt Air Conditioning Repairs

Monday, November 20th, 2017

AC-technicianWhen your heater is not functioning exactly as it should, you may give it a little more time than you really should, since we don’t battle winter storms and subfreezing temperatures here the way that they do in other areas of the country. The truth is, however, that any problems with any HVAC systems should be dealt with as soon as possible. Because of how extreme the heat of our summer season can be, you’ll definitely want to get your AC right back on track when something goes wrong.

Remember, when it comes to your air conditioner there is really no such thing as a problem “minor” enough to ignore. You’ll be suffering a number of drawbacks when you ignore the signs that you need air conditioning repairs in Mesa, AZ. Don’t tempt fate just because your air conditioner has not broken down yet. Instead, dial our number the moment that you suspect trouble is brewing. It’s always in your best interest.

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AC Repair Warning Signs: Strange Sounds

Monday, October 23rd, 2017

service-timeWhen it comes to living comfortably in our area, your air conditioning system is a major player. With weather as hot as ours is for much of the year, your air conditioner is going to be putting in a lot of working hours. That is exactly why it is so important that you take every precaution possible to keep your system functioning properly and reliably. This includes taking care of any problems with your air conditioner as soon as you have any reason to believe that there is a problem to begin with.

While a malfunctioning air conditioner is always bad news, the good news is that there are generally some warning signs that your system is struggling. Among the most common of these red flags are strange operating sounds. If your air conditioner doesn’t sound the way it usually does all of a sudden, don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s no big deal. Dial our number to have the problem resolved with professional AC repair in Mesa, AZ.

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Short Cycling: What it Means for Your AC

Monday, August 28th, 2017

woman-with-fanIn our area, it is obviously incredibly important to have a great air conditioner that you can rely on in order to make it through the days not only comfortably, but safely as well. The heat is just too intense to take any chances with your air conditioner in Mesa,  AZ. Considering all of the hard work that your air conditioner has to do each and every day, it should really come as no surprise to hear that it may encounter operational problems at some point.

If and when you do run into trouble with your air conditioner, remember that it is always in your best interest to schedule prompt, professional air conditioning repairs. The longer that you wait to have your system professionally repaired, the worse off it is likely to be. Never assume that you should just wait for the system to break down entirely before you bother to have it repaired.  That will only lead to greater inconvenience.

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When Is the Right Time to Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Though most of the country is focused on keeping warm at the moment, Arizona weather tends to warm up a bit faster. That means we’ll have to start thinking about getting our air conditioning up and running before the rest of the country. Read on to find out when it’s the right time to schedule air conditioning maintenance, and what can happen if you neglect it.

Proper Timing

The best time to schedule maintenance on any sort of system is right before you plan on using it more extensively. Doing so ensures that your system is in the best possible shape to take on the added strain of more regular usage. For air conditioning systems, the season with the heaviest usage is summer. That makes spring the best time to have regular maintenance conducted.

The other thing you have to consider with regards to timing is that demand for air conditioning services will go up during the summer. This means that if you wait to conduct maintenance, and your air conditioning breaks down, you’ll potentially be waiting much longer for a professional to come help you.

Whenever You Notice a Problem

Though you should have your air conditioning unit checked at least once a year, that doesn’t mean you should ignore problems that develop before that annual appointment. If you happen to notice odd noises, air flow problems, or any other unusual occurrence with your air conditioner, you should schedule an appointment with a professional as soon as possible.

Though it may be tempting to hold off and get it all done at once, allowing issues to build up in your air conditioning system will drastically increase the chances of a breakdown. Once the system breaks, it is always more difficult and more costly to fix it. If you want to save yourself some money, and a lot of frustration, call a professional whenever you notice an issue with your air conditioner.

If you haven’t scheduled maintenance for your air conditioner in a while, call Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning. We provide air conditioning maintenance services throughout the Mesa area.

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Benefits of Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

If you looked at the title of the post and thought, “Duct cleaning, huh? Haven’t thought about having my home’s ductwork cleaned,” then you definitely need to have your home’s ductwork cleaned.

Furthermore, as we emphasized in the title, you need professional duct cleaning. This isn’t a situation where you can pry the covers off of vents, push a vacuum hose down the duct, and hope for the best. The extent of the ventilation system and the heavy levels of different contaminations that can develop inside it (remember, air from everywhere in your house circulates through the ducts) require the work of trained cleaners.

But it’s easy to take care of duct cleaning in Mesa, AZ: call Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning and talk to our indoor air quality specialists. We’ll handle your duct cleaning, and you’ll receive these important benefits that only professional work can provide:

Improved indoor air quality

Your ducts will eventually become a reservoir for airborne contaminants that cycle through the ventilation system and begin to accumulate. The debris can include dust, dust mites, dander, hair, pollen, sawdust from remodeling and construction, lint, and carpet fibers. You don’t want all that blown out in your home’s air every time the air conditioner or heater turns on. These pollutants are especially dangerous for people with asthma or allergies. Duct cleaning will take away a major health threat in your home.

More efficient HVAC system

The level of clogging and clotting along the walls of a ventilation system can be astonishing—and it’s more than enough to put friction on the airflow from your air conditioner/heater. Only a thin layer of dust is enough to affect the passage of air, and this puts pressure on the HVAC system. After a cleaning, however, you can expect lower utility bills as the HVAC system “breathes” easier. The system will also experience fewer repair needs due to overworking and consequently last longer.

A cleaner home

The contaminants the ductwork circulates through a home won’t stay in the air all the time. They will settle along your furniture, carpet, wood floors, corners, etc. A home with clogged ducts will become a dust magnet, where you can clean every day and have the dust come right back again. Clean ducts mean a sparkling home—or at least one you won’t have to work as hard to keep sparkling.

A good professional cleaning job only takes a few hours, and you should have it done every two years (sometimes more often, depending on your home).

Call Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning to speak to our Mesa, AZ duct cleaning team and schedule your appointment for better health, home, and heating and cooling.

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How an Old Air Conditioner Costs You Money

Friday, May 9th, 2014

If you have considered replacing an aging air conditioning system, but have held back because the AC still seems to keep the house at the same level of cooling it always has, then you might be throwing away money and not realize it. An air conditioner can still outwardly produce the same amount of cooling that it has for many years, but inwardly run inefficiently and elevate to raise your bills.

At what point is an AC overdue for a replacement? To help answer that question, let’s look at how an aging air conditioner in Mesa, AZ can cost you extra money.

For help from experienced air conditioning professionals in determining whether the time has come to replace your cooling system, depend on Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning. We’ve helped keep one of the hottest cities in the country cool since 1939.

Why old air conditioners waste money

Air conditioners are electro-mechanical devices; like any mechanical device—from a car to a washing machine—it will start to wear down from stress over the years. Regular maintenance will slow down this aging process and expand the system’s lifespan, but eventually the decay on the components will reach a point where the air conditioner will begin to strain to perform its job, and no amount of repairs or maintenance will reverse it.

The component that is most susceptible to irreparable wear is the compressor, which is also the heart of the operation of an AC. The compressor runs similar to a piston engine, and can succumb to similar mechanical stress that will cause it to siphon off additional energy in order to run. If the compressor burns out, the system will not work, and because it is expensive to replace a compressor, this usually means the entire air conditioner must be replaced.

Air conditioners come with a manufacturer’s estimated lifespan; if your unit has exceeded it, than it is likely already costing you money because of stress on the compressor or declining electrical components. Check over the last two years of your utility bills to see if there was an increase in electrical costs during the summer. This will point to an aged air conditioner beginning to fail; arrange for an AC technician to look into the matter and see if it is time for a replacement.

Finally, if your air conditioner is old enough, it was probably always less efficient than the current models available. Recent advances in HVAC technology—such as improved refrigerant blends—have increased the ability of air conditioners to convert electricity into cooling; you can probably find a new unit with higher energy efficiency that costs around the same as you paid for your current system years ago.

Don’t let a faltering cooling system inflate your summer bills: call Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning today and talk to us about installing a new air conditioner in Mesa, AZ.

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How to Select the Right Commercial HVAC System for Your Business

Friday, March 28th, 2014

When shopping, eating in a restaurant, or spending time in any type of commercial building, we often take our comfort for granted. However, the owners and managers of the business didn’t: they made sure to select the right commercial HVAC system to provide ideal, “invisible” comfort for patrons, customers, and clients. They also made certain their employees would enjoy the same comfort.

When you’re looking to install commercial HVAC in Mesa, AZ for your business, you should take the same steps these other successful businesses did in order to have the best system possible put in. It will make for happier workers and more content customers.

Because of the complexity of commercial HVAC systems and the number of factors to consider when choosing and then installing a system, you should hire a professional contractor that specializes in commercial work. Look to Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning and our staff of commercial cooling and heating professionals for the work you need done.

Selecting the Right Commercial Unit

The most popular type of HVAC system for businesses is the rooftop package unit, which comes pre-assembled with all the necessary components to provide both heating and cooling. (You can choose to have a unit that only provides air conditioning if you prefer.) These units are simple for technicians to install and easy for them to maintain without interfering in regular business operations.

But choosing the right unit is about more than pointing toward a rooftop heater/AC and saying, “that one.” You need to have the right size system. Sizing an HVAC unit is important for home comfort, but it is even more critical—and more difficult to determine—in the commercial world. You will need installation professionals to determine the amount of heating and cooling the HVAC system must produce based on the size of the space, the number of people in it on average, and the output of heat from appliances. Your installers will perform a complete load calculation to determine the unit size. This is known as a “Manual J,” which specifically evaluates business facilities.

Ask your installer to quote you on the specifications for standard-efficiency and high-efficiency units, including the estimated costs for its full lifespan. It may turn out that the high-efficiency unit, although costlier to purchase upfront, will offer lower costs for its lifespan. In this case, you are better off paying more for the initial installation in order to receive greater energy savings over all.

Have the Installers Involved As Soon As Possible

You do not want to make an error when selecting a commercial HVAC system. An error in a home installation can turn out costly, but your business will suffer because of the discomfort from a poorly chosen and sized HVAC system. Make sure you start out in the right direction with guidance from HVAC professionals with long experience selecting, sizing, and installing commercial HVAC in Mesa, AZ.

With business history stretching back to 1939, make Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning you first choice. Give us a call today and set up your next service appointment with us.

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Heating Issues During the Winter

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

If you’ve ever talked with a friend or relative who lives in a northern state about troubles you have heating your home in Arizona, they may have acted as if you were crazy. Who needs heat in Arizona? Although it’s true that we enjoy one of the warmest year-round climates in the U.S., anyone who has lived here for at least a year knows that winter evenings can get quite chilly. Your home needs effective insulation and a sturdy heater to keep you comfortable during the upcoming months, especially at night. Below are just some of the heating problems you may encounter during this winter. Some will require you schedule heating repairs, and when that happens, make sure you call Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning.

Having problems with your heater in Mesa, AZ? Don’t fret – call Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning for quick and easy heating repair.

Common winter heating issues

  • Heater won’t turn on: When the season starts, you may encounter trouble with your heater failing to turn on at all. Perhaps it comes on at some times and not others. A common reason for this is a thermostat miscalibration that developed during the summer and fall, which means the thermostat isn’t recording the correct colder temperature that will make it signal that the heater needs to turn on. Your heater may need more serious repairs to its motor or fuel supply—troubles that could have developed from neglect during the months it sat idle.
  • Uneven heating: If your heater does come on, but some rooms aren’t getting warm, then there are a number of possibilities to check. Vents might be blocked or shut. Hot air may be escaping through cracks around the edges of windows or outside doors. The insulation could be deteriorating. Don’t immediately leap to the conclusion that the heater is malfunctioning—although this may ultimately be the reason. Have an HVAC expert come to your house to help you discover the source of the problem.
  • Unexpectedly high bills: If you’ve already gone through one heating season with your current system, you will know what to expect to see on your energy bills when your heater comes on for the season. But should you discover surprise spikes on your monthly bills, then your heater may have a malfunction that developed over the summer. Schedule repairs right away before the issue becomes worse.

Let Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning Help Make Your Winter That Much More Pleasant

Make sure you act on any issues that develop in your heater during the coming chillier months. Contact Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning—any time of the day or night—and we’ll take care of your Mesa heating repair service needs so you won’t have to spend any unpleasant nights in the future without your heater.

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Why Am I Not Getting Enough Heat from My Furnace?

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

The winter season is short in the Valley of the Sun, with only a few seriously cold days—that’s why our cities attract so many tourists during this time of year. But if you live hear year-round, you know that those few days (and the nights) can feel unpleasant without a good heater like a furnace to keep you warm. If your furnace starts failing to give you sufficient heat, you’ll want to know why… and what you can do about it.

Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning has serviced Mesa, AZ with heating and cooling since 1939. When you need help with a malfunctioning furnace, give us a call. You’ll receive a 100% Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee if you enroll in our Concierge Program.

Reasons for poor heating from a furnace:

Clogged air filter: The air filter protects your furnace’s components from debris. But if it goes to long without getting changed (once a month during a heating season), it will start to cut off the air flow from the furnace to the ducts. Lower air flow means less heating.

Broken heating elements: If you have an electric furnace, then one of the individual heating elements inside the cabinet might have broken. The furnace contains a series of these heating elements, and turns on additional ones when you require more heat. If you can’t get the heat you want, you may need to have a technician replace one of the heating elements.

Malfunctioning thermostat: You should always check your thermostat when you have trouble with getting enough heat, just to check that you haven’t set it incorrectly. However, the thermostat itself might have a flaw that is preventing it from turning the furnace up to the comfort level you want. Have a technician recalibrate the thermostat or replace it.

Call in the experts

Modern furnaces require expertise to repair. If you try to take on the repairs yourself, you could cause damage to the furnaces components. Worse, you could cause damage to yourself from electrical shock or toxic gas exposure. Leave the work to the trained professionals.

Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning can handle trouble with your heating in Mesa, AZ, whether it’s a furnace, heat pump, or radiant heat system. Call us any time of the day or night.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Heating System this Winter

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

In matters of heating repair, Mesa AZ is definitely a seasonal community. Heating issues usually arise in the winter, when our nights get cold and the high temperatures of summertime are long forgotten.  You’re probably accustomed to paying higher heating bills in the winter, matching the increased use you make of your unit. But do those bills have to be so high? You can cut into them with a few canny tips and a little foresight.

Here’s how to get the most out of your heating system this winter.

  • Have your heater cleaned. Most reputable repair services offer a routine maintenance and upkeep session, which gives your heater a little tune-up. The technician cleans off the dust and dirt that have built up over the summer (which can be quite a bit here in Arizona). He also tightens the bolts, belts and fittings that may have loosened during last year’s heating season, to prevent leaks and lower stress on the individual components. Not only will it reduce the possibility of more major repairs, it will help the heater perform more efficiently, saving money in monthly energy bills.
  • Consider a heating upgrade. If you want to save money, you might think about having upgrades added on to your system. For example, look into zone controls, which divide your home into individual sections that can be heated separately. That lets you warm only those parts of the house that you’re using, which can save you a great deal of money.
  • Insulate your home better. Insulation in your home helps keep cool air in during the summer season, as well as hot air in when it gets cold. See about adding more insulation to your attic or crawlspaces to help reduce the cost of energy.

For more on how to get the most out of your heating system this winter, or for maintenance and repair issues in general, talk to Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning. We offer heating repair service to Mesa, AZ and the surrounding communities, and we are dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Call us today to set up an appointment!

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