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What Is a Packaged Air Conditioner?

Thursday, January 15th, 2015

Traditionally, an air conditioner has two parts: the outside condenser unit and the indoor air handler. Refrigerant cycles between the two units, and the indoor air handler connects to the ductwork. Refrigerant removes heat from the indoors as it evaporates at the inside unit and releases heat at the outside portion as it condenses. A fan blows air over the cooling coil on the air handler and moves cool air through the ducts. But with a packaged unit, all of the parts are enclosed in a single cabinet, usually located right outside of the building or on the rooftop.

The cabinet also contains the parts of your heating system as well. This is convenient for a commercial property, especially for any time a technician needs to access your HVAC equipment for repairs or maintenance. Because packaged units are located on the roof of a commercial building much of the time, a technician can stay out of the way of your business during repairs or maintenance so that you can keep your business going throughout the day in some cases (weather permitting).

Packaged air conditioners are ideal for their location and convenience for businesses and because they are often modular. A modular unit can be modified at any time. Usually, if your air conditioning sizing needs change because your business has expanded, you’ll need an entirely new system. But with a modular packaged unit, a technician can simply add or another unit or remove one, effectively changing the sizing load of the system.

You can even install a packaged air conditioner at your home. This is ideal for people with limited indoor space or for those homes where indoor installation would be difficult. Packaged air conditioners are available in a variety of sizes and efficiency ratings. You can find packaged units with very high SEERs (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings) so that you won’t have to resort to a low efficiency window or wall unit if you don’t have much space for an indoor installation.

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Benefits of Packaged Air Conditioners

Monday, July 7th, 2014

If you live in Chandler, you can’t be without air conditioning for very long. With temperatures well over 100 degrees, you need a reliable air conditioner that won’t fail suddenly without notice. If you have been looking into air conditioning options and are unsure of what will work for your home or business, a packaged air conditioner may be a great option for you.

Packaged air conditioners are used for both residential and commercial purposes. You’ll often find packaged systems in hotels and other business properties, or in homes that don’t offer space options for split systems. If you need a new solution for your home or business, packaged air conditioning may offer many benefits.


Many homes and commercial properties are set up for a split central AC system with both an indoor and outdoor unit. The two units help to pull heat from the inside and release it outdoors. However, some homes are not set up properly for both an indoor and outdoor unit, while some homes and businesses cannot reasonably accommodate a bulky outdoor unit. Packaged air conditioners do not utilize separate indoor and outdoor units; rather, all of the components of an AC system are combined into one self-contained unit that can be installed either adjacent to the house or on the roof, if space is an issue for your home or commercial property.


With split systems, diagnosing repair issues can be a tricky job for a technician because the specialist will have to examine every part of your system, both inside and out. This can mean a somewhat lengthier visit and a longer period of time without AC, and in Chandler this may be something you simply cannot afford. Packaged systems can benefit you and your AC technician because the indoor evaporator and outdoor condenser unit of your system are combined into one, making maintenance and service an easier job.

At Goettl Good Guys Air Conditioning, we’ll help you choose the packaged unit that’s right for you and provide professional A/C installation services.

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