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AC Tune Up

Air Conditioning Tune–Up Service

Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix - AC Tune Up

Beyond an Air Conditioning Tune-Up, a Rejuuuvenation!

More than any other region, Phoenix, AZ puts a lot of stress on your air conditioner. With summer temperatures frequently in the triple digits and at times working for 24 hours a day, weeks at a time, your air conditioner is expected to do a lot. Combined with the fact that your HVAC system is such a large investment, it’s important that you have it properly cared for each year.

A good rejuvenation for your air conditioner is like a tune up for your car: it is an absolute necessity. That’s why you should have yours inspected and as necessary repaired whenever possible. We take the traditional ac tune-up to a new level- we perform a rejuvenation on your system, six critical steps that make your system use less energy and lasts longer.

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The Professional Air Conditioning Tune–Up Process

When you call Goettl Air Conditioning for an air conditioning tune–up in Phoenix, we take it a step further and give your system a Rejuvenation!  You’ll receive expert care honed by decades of experience in the region. Specifically, we offer the following services with each rejuvenation we provide:

  • Coolant and pressure level inspection
  • Thermostat and cycle calibration
  • Condensate drain cleared and cleaned
  • Check the outdoor disconnect
  • Check compressor amperage at startup
  • Safety and efficiency checkups
  • Condenser inspection and cleaning
  • Wiring and contacts checked and tightened


These will ensure your air conditioning system continues to work properly and as intended for years to come, but the rejuvenation needs to be done on a regular basis – at least once a year. Without regular tune–ups, your air conditioner will age faster and need frequent repairs. And if your system is already past the point of no return, it might be worthwhile to have our technicians come out and take a look to see if it is salvageable, or if a new system is needed.

We Are Your Air Conditioning Specialists

If you live in the Phoenix metropolitan area and are ready for an air conditioning tune up, now is the time to call Goettl Air Conditioning and get a system rejuvenation. Goettl is  the region’s leading provider of HVAC service and maintenance. Our air conditioning experts will schedule a time to ensure your system is ready for the rigors of another Arizona summer. Reach out to our friendly staff today to learn more about what we can do for you.

Thank you for the great job each of you did.

Vladimir T.

They were wonderful and thorough and I really appreciated their hard work!

Lois D.

Austin was so nice and did a great job!!

Nancy J.

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