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Aqua Chill Installation

Aqua Chill Service by Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix

Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix - Aqua Chill Installation

An aqua chill air conditioner works by using both air and water to cool refrigerant and remove heat from your home. The result is a more effective, cost efficient device that won’t overheat and cost you a fortune in the midst of a Phoenix, AZ summer.

If you are interested in aqua chill installation for your home in Phoenix, AZ, now is the time to call Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix. Our trained Phoenix air conditioning technicians are available to help you choose the right aqua chill device for your home or to maintain your current aqua chill system. Call us today to learn more.

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Phoenix AZ Aqua Chill Installation

A traditional air conditioner is almost entirely air cooled. As refrigerant is circulated, it evaporates and extracts heat from outdoor air, cooling it for indoor circulation. However, the higher the temperature of that outdoor air, the more circulation is required to cool it and the harder your air conditioner works.

With most air–cooled air conditioners rated for 82 degrees F, it’s no wonder that a triple digit Phoenix heat wave can put a lot of strain on your cooling system. Phoenix aqua chill installation offers the same benefits of a powerful air conditioner without paying the outrageous electric bills one can generate.

For the most part an Aqua Chill is the same as a traditional air conditioner. It uses the same compressor and refrigerant circulation model. But, to supplement the air cooling, it also uses water. It therefore is able to precool the coils and ensure that when the temperature gets above 100 degrees F, the device is ready to cool your home immediately instead of it taking much longer (and more money) to do so.

Phoenix AZ Aqua Chill Installation Considerations

When it is time to decide on the right layout for a new Aqua Chill device, call Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix. Our trained Phoenix air conditioning technicians will work closely with you to select the right sized device for your home. We will then remove your existing air conditioner and replace it with an Aqua Chill device. The necessary plumbing will be installed on the same day and your new cooling system will be ready to use.

A good aqua chill system can be maintained as frequently as a standard air conditioner, but will cost you significantly less to run in the midst of the hottest summer months. Learn more today by calling Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix – the region’s leading supplier of cooling technologies.

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