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We Offer Thermostats and Thermostat Service in Phoenix, AZ

For simple and intuitive thermostat control, Goettl Air Conditioning recommends the Emerson Blue Easy Reader. The Easy Reader has a digital display that clearly shows the temperature, desired temperature and which HVAC systems are currently operating. With minimal buttons and simple programming features, this thermostat is perfect for someone who only wants to have basic control of their HVAC system – none of the bells and whistles that can become confusing in a more modern system.

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Phoenix AZ Thermostats – Big Blue

The big blue touch screen thermostat from Emerson is a large, easy to read touch screen thermostat that provides more advanced controls based on your HVAC installation. It offers multi–stage control for both heating and cooling systems, 7 day (or 5+1+1 day) programmability, and it comes with both standard and humidity control options. It can also be powered by either a hard wire hookup or battery and can therefore be placed anywhere in your home.

Phoenix AZ Thermostats – Humidity Control for AC Systems

Both of Emerson’s thermostat models – the easy reader and big blue model – come in humidity control variants, giving you unprecedented control over not only your cooling system but your humidity control system. For those especially hot and dry summer days, use the humidity control options in your standard or touch screen thermostat to adjust relative humidity levels throughout your home.

We Can Help You Choose the Right Thermostat

The type of thermostat you select will largely depend on what works best for you and your family. If you prefer to operate the system yourself and want more advanced controls and programmability, then the Big Blue touch screen thermostat may be a good fit.

Whatever model you choose, know that the Phoenix air conditioning specialists at Goettl Air Conditioning provides a full range of installation options for your new thermostat. We are familiar with all major brands and models of heating and cooling equipment, so we can calibrate your new Emerson Thermostat to work effectively with your system to help save energy and money. Contact Goettl Air Conditioning today!

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