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Insulation by Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix

Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix - Insulation

For this reason, Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix offers a full range of insulation services designed to keep you and your family comfortable and lower your energy bill substantially. If you are concerned about the amount of money being spent to keep your home comfortable or would like a consultation to determine the effectiveness of your current insulation, call Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix today to learn more.

Phoenix Insulation for Attics

One of the biggest offenders in cooling loss is your attic. Facing the sun all day, your attic roof is a heat sink, pulling in heat and therefore putting a larger burden on your air conditioner. In extreme summer conditions, your attic temperature can reach as high as 140 degrees, making it much harder and more expensive to cool the rest of your house.

Attic insulation can be placed either in the floor of your attic or in the roof of your house to keep excess heat from entering your home and ensure cooling stays inside. It’s important to have an expert inspect your home and perform the appropriate measurements to determine what R–Value will best hold in your cooling.

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Phoenix Insulation and Ventilation

As heat builds up in your attic, it puts undue strain on your air conditioner to cool the rest of your house. Even with insulation in place, heat will slowly trickle in and will likely remain there due to the insulation.

Ventilation makes it possible to remove that excess heat without spending money to cool your attic. An attic fan or ventilation system will at the very least equalize internal and outdoor temperatures in your attic. So instead of it reaching 140 degrees in your attic when it is 105 outside, it will be 105 degrees in your attic. And while this will still put stress on your cooling system, it will be much less than those upper extremes.

Phoenix Radiant Barriers

A radiant barrier is designed to stop the radiant transfer of heat between outdoor components and indoor components. Originally developed by the US military to hide vehicles from heat seeking projectiles, radiant barrier spray is now used to reduce heat incursion in your attic

A single coat of radiant barrier spray on the underside of your roof will block out heat energy from the sun by up to 80% and make it possible to actually keep your attic cool and reduce the load on your cooling system.

Phoenix Insulation Solutions

If you are tired of seeing your cooling bill spike higher every summer, now is the time to call Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix and learn more about what insulation, ventilation and radiant barriers can do for your electric bill.

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