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Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps

Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps by Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix

Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix - Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps

The Ductless Difference

Conventional home heating and cooling systems use a central unit to heat or cool the air, and then send that air into a system of ducts that deliver the conditioned air to the living spaces of your home. Phoenix ductless mini split heat pumps instead utilize multiple smaller units to either heat or cool the air and then circulate it directly into the living space.

This arrangement offers several advantages over conventional heating systems. To begin with, it makes ducts unnecessary, which is especially great news if your home doesn’t have them already. Ducts are a great place for dust and other allergens to gather so they need to be cleaned and maintained regularly, adding to the cost of upkeep for your home comfort system.

Ducts are also associated with up to a 30% loss in energy during the transfer of air from the central unit to the rooms of your home. Since Phoenix ductless mini split heat pumps don’t use ducts, they are more energy efficient and cost less to maintain than many other types of home heating and cooling systems.

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The Right Amount of Heat with a Ductless Heating System

Because temperatures in Phoenix don’t often dip down below 40°F, ductless mini split heat pumps are the perfect solution to your home heating needs. These systems will pump hot air out of your home all summer long, and then when it starts to get chilly outside, they’ll simply switch to pumping warmed air in instead.

Heat pumps work well to keep your home comfortable as long as temperatures outside stay above freezing, which they almost always do in this part of the country. That means you won’t have to invest in a whole separate home heating system that you’ll only use for a small part of the year. In Phoenix, ductless mini split heat pumps provide just the right amount of heating when you need it.

Phoenix Ductless Split Heat Pump Installation and Repair

Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix is the company with an optimum selection of Phoenix ductless mini split heat pumps and we’ll be glad to install just the right system for your home. Our professional technicians will make sure your unit is set up properly and sized appropriately for your home so that you’ll get the most out of the heat pump while still keeping your energy costs to a minimum.

We also offer complete emergency and non–emergency repair services. So whether you’re simply concerned about a drop–off in the efficiency of your system or your heat pump has suddenly stopped working completely, we can take care of the problem quickly.

So call Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix today to learn more about how Phoenix ductless mini split heat pumps can make your home comfortable all year round or to schedule repairs.

About 4 YRS ago I had a 4 Ton Unit put on my house which was too big for my Duct work but I didnt know this. From then on every winter my coil would freeze up and there would be no hot air. So Dan Bromlow came out and told me that he had the go ahead to p

Allan A.

The Technician was very friendly, on time, and showed the wife the part that was defective. . . very happy client for sure. .

Frank V.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I had two great Goettl employees come out today that did a great job, and knew their job really well.

George R.

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