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Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning by Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix

Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix - Duct Cleaning

Our professional technicians have the tools and expertise to clean and maintain your air ducts so that your system keeps working as it should throughout the year. Phoenix duct cleaning will improve the indoor air quality of your home by removing dust and mold that can build up within the ducts. Regular duct cleaning will also keep your air conditioning system functioning as efficiently as possible by reducing impediments to airflow, and that keeps your cooling costs down too.

Phoenix Duct Repair

Regular duct cleaning also provides an opportunity for an expert technician to inspect your entire ductwork system. An inspection like this is the recommended way to uncover small breaks or problems in the system that could impact its overall efficiency or effectiveness. Fortunately, Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix offers full Phoenix duct repair services for just this type of situation.

Even a small crack in your air ducts can significantly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of your entire home heating and cooling system. Breaks like this let in outside air that hasn’t been filtered and can let out air that has already been heated or cooled, leading to increased energy costs and lower indoor air quality.

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Phoenix Duct Sealing

Another important duct service we offer is Phoenix duct sealing. One of the main reasons home heating and cooling systems don’t keep homes as comfortable as they should is improperly sealed air ducts. You’ve invested so much in your home comfort system, you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of it, and Phoenix duct sealing is one of the recommended ways to do that.

Phoenix Duct Replacement

Especially if the ducts in your home haven’t been well maintained or if you don’t know when they were installed, Phoenix duct replacement might be in order. This is a significant undertaking, so you want to be sure you have highly trained professionals on the job. Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix technicians are fully trained and will complete Phoenix duct replacement efficiently and to spec.

A new set of air ducts can significantly lower your home heating and cooling costs, making duct replacement well worth the investment. Your home will also be more comfortable and your indoor air quality will be cleaner.

No matter how long your ducts have been in place or what type of maintenance you’ve had done on them in the past, we would be happy to take over any duct sealing, cleaning, repair or replacement services you need. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss your service options or to schedule a visit from one of our technicians.

They were wonderful and thorough and I really appreciated their hard work!

Lois D.

Our service technician John was fantastic. Explained all the issues with our system and did a wonderful job a helping address all our concerns.

Donald B.

It was the best contractor experience we've ever had...

John Mastor

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