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Duct Testing

Duct Testing by Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix

Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix - Duct Testing

While not required as it is in some nearby states, duct testing is a good way to ensure your duct system is up to the task of moving air from your air conditioner or heat pump to every room in your house without air loss. Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix provides a full range of duct testing services to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

The Importance of Phoenix Duct Testing

On average, between 10–30% of heated or cooled air is lost in leaky ducts. That’s a lot of heating or cooling lost each year and a lot of extra money spent to keep your family comfortable.

Duct testing looks for weak points in your ductwork so they can be repaired and you can retain the warm or cool air you pay so dearly for. Not only could your ductwork be leaking slightly, but it could have been improperly sized or installed. Testing finds these problems and ensures your system is in optimal shape for air circulation.

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What Phoenix Duct Testing Checks For

At Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix, we test for a number of structural or installation deficiencies in your ductwork. These include ripped outer covers, peeling tape, improperly installed or missing draw bands, insulation with low R–value (or none at all), any exposed metal on the ductwork, or unlabeled tape. Additionally, any leaks within the ductwork are found and patched and the system is checked for places where it hasn’t been effectively sealed.

The test itself takes about an hour and the HVAC system needs to be turned off for the duration of the test, so you may want to leave the home during the test.

A duct tester is attached to the blower compartment of your air handler and all grills and vents are closed or sealed to avoid pressure loss. The duct system is then pressurized and the air flow tested to determine how much air loss occurs through leaks in your ductwork. If the leaks are sufficient, repairs may be recommended.

If you are concerned about your ducts being leaky or are simply unsure what to do next for your system, now is the time to call Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix and have a trained professional inspect and repair any issues that may arise. Learn more by calling us today to discuss your cooling and heating needs.

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