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Air Conditioning and Heating in Fountain Hills, AZ by Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix

Do you have insufficient AC or heat in your home? Do you need routine maintenance for your air conditioning system or heater? Contact Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix to schedule service in Fountain Hills, AZ today!

Air Conditioning in Fountain Hills, AZ

Since 1939 the experts at Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix have been offering outstanding air conditioning services in Fountain Hills, AZ. We’ve been around so long because we’ve never lost sight of the importance of our customers’ satisfaction and the quality of our workmanship. Our award–winning service department is trained to install, repair and maintain all different types and brands of air conditioning systems.

For our air conditioning installation services, we get it done right the first time, or we make it right of our customers. We also don’t use any sub–contractors because we want you to know that the person working on your AC system is one of our trained technicians. If your AC unit has stopped working properly, be sure to call Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix. We provide fast AC repair in Fountain Hills, AZ. We keep our full–stocked service trucks stationed around the region so we can get to your home fast.

Heating Services in Fountain Hills, AZ

Even though you might not use your heater as much as your AC system, you still want a heating system that works when you need it. Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix offers heating service in Fountain Hills, AZ for those times when you need work done on your heater. Our experts are able to provide installation, repair and maintenance for all different types of heating systems. If you need a new heating system installed we can help you choose a furnace, heat pump or other system that matches your home’s needs. We also provide heating repairs throughout Fountain Hills for the times when your heating system breaks down. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can keep your family warm when you need it.

Indoor Air Quality Services in Fountain Hills, AZ

Few people realize that they spend most of their time indoors. The EPA has said that indoor air quality is one of the leading threats to respiratory health in the U.S. That’s why Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix provides honest and reliable indoor air quality services in Fountain Hills, AZ, including air filtering products, humidity control systems and ultraviolet germicidal lights. When working together, these systems can potentially have a positive effect on the air quality in your home. If you have an indoor air quality system that needs repair or maintenance, give us a call today.

Other Services Offered in Fountain Hills, AZ

Duct cleaning
The ducts in your home are like the veins of your air conditioning and heating system. Do you know what’s living or growing up there? With duct cleaning and duct testing services in from Goettl Air Conditioning Phoenix, we can help you make sure that your ducts are as clean as possible.
The insulation in your home is responsible for providing a barrier to prevent air loss and energy waste. If your insulation is old or insufficient, not only could you be wasting energy, but you could also be losing money on utility bills. Give us a call today to learn about how we can better protect your home.
Maintenance program
Regular maintenance is a great way to keep your air conditioning and heating system working as efficiently as possible. It can also potentially reduce the amount of repair services that you need for your home’s comfort systems.
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